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The title Chief Creative Officer (CCO) typically describes the highest-ranking position of a creative team within a media company. Depending on the type of company, this position may be responsible for the overall look and feel of marketing, media, and branding associated with the organization. The CCO may also be charged with managing, developing, and leading one or multiple teams of creative directors, art directors, designers, and copywriters. They may also have charge over long-term planning related to intellectual property owned by the company, as in the case of Marvel Comics/Marvel Studios, DC Comics/DC Studios, or the WWE.

Overall description[edit]

The CCO directs a company's creative output, developing the artistic design strategy that defines a company's brand. A CCO is often heavily involved in development cycles for consumer-facing media products, such as films, TV, or videogames. The CCO helps to craft creative decision-making and work processes to optimize for quality and consumer satisfaction. They may also serve as the primary internal champion for the needs of both creative teams and the products themselves, as opposed to other competing business interests.[1]

Notable chief creative officers[edit]


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