Country Music Association Award for Musician of the Year

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Country Music Association Award for Musician of the Year
CountryUnited States
Presented byCountry Music Association
First awarded1967
Currently held byJenee Fleenor (2023)

The following list shows the recipients for the Country Music Association Award for Musician of the Year.[1] First presented at the inaugural CMA Awards in 1967 to Chet Atkins as the Instrumentalist of the Year award, the category received its current name at the 1988 CMA Awards.

The inaugural recipient of the award was guitarist Chet Atkins, who won in 1967. Atkins and Mac McAnally hold the record for most wins in the category, with ten each, while pedal steel player Paul Franklin has a leading thirty one nominations without ever winning.[2] The first female nominee and winner in this category is fiddle player Jenee Fleenor, who is also the current holder of the award following her fifth consecutive win at the 57th Annual Country Music Association Awards in 2023.[3]


Three-time recipient Jerry Douglas is known for playing dobro with Alison Krauss and Union Station.
Three-time winner Randy Scruggs.
Fiddle player Mark O'Connor is a six-time winner.
Charlie Daniels received the award in 1979.
Roy Clark won the award three times.
Two-time recipient Charlie McCoy.
Year Winner Nominees
2023[4] Blue ribbon Jenee Fleenor
2022[5] Blue ribbon Jenee Fleenor
2021 Blue ribbon Jenee Fleenor
2020 Blue ribbon Jenee Fleenor
2019 Blue ribbon Jenee Fleenor
2018[6] Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2017 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2016 Blue ribbon Dann Huff
2015 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2014 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2013 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2012 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2011 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2010 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2009 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2008 Blue ribbon Mac McAnally
2007 Blue ribbon Jerry Douglas
2006 Blue ribbon Randy Scruggs
2005 Blue ribbon Jerry Douglas
2004 Blue ribbon Dann Huff
2003 Blue ribbon Randy Scruggs
2002 Blue ribbon Jerry Douglas
2001 Blue ribbon Dann Huff
2000 Blue ribbon Hargus "Pig" Robbins
1999 Blue ribbon Randy Scruggs
1998 Blue ribbon Brent Mason
1997 Blue ribbon Brent Mason
1996 Blue ribbon Mark O'Connor
1995 Blue ribbon Mark O'Connor
1994 Blue ribbon Mark O'Connor
1993 Blue ribbon Mark O'Connor
1992 Blue ribbon Mark O'Connor
1991 Blue ribbon Mark O'Connor
1990 Blue ribbon Johnny Gimble
1989 Blue ribbon Johnny Gimble
1988 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1987 Blue ribbon Johnny Gimble
1986 Blue ribbon Johnny Gimble
1985 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1984 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1983 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1982 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1981 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1980 Blue ribbon Roy Clark
1979 Blue ribbon Charlie Daniels
1978 Blue ribbon Roy Clark
1977 Blue ribbon Roy Clark
1976 Blue ribbon Hargus "Pig" Robbins
1975 Blue ribbon Johnny Gimble
1974 Blue ribbon Don Rich
1973 Blue ribbon Charlie McCoy
1972 Blue ribbon Charlie McCoy
1971 Blue ribbon Jerry Reed
1970 Blue ribbon Jerry Reed
1969 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1968 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins
1967 Blue ribbon Chet Atkins

Artists with multiple wins[edit]

Artists that received multiple awards
Awards Artist
10 Chet Atkins
Mac McAnally
6 Johnny Gimble
5 Mark O'Connor
Jenee Fleenor
3 Dan Huff
Jerry Douglas
Roy Clark
2 Brent Mason
Charlie McCoy
Hargus "Pig" Robbins
Jerry Reed
Randy Scruggs

Artists with multiple nominations[edit]

31 nominations
21 nominations
20 nominations
19 nominations
17 nominations
15 nominations
14 nominations
13 nominations
12 nominations
11 nominations
10 nominations
8 nominations
7 nominations
6 nominations
5 nominations
4 nominations
3 nominations
2 nominations


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