Ding language

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Native toDR Congo
RegionKasai River
Native speakers
160,000 (2002)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
diz – Di
nlo – Ngul
nzd – Nzadi
Glottologding1239  Ding
ngul1247  Ngwii
lwel1234  Lwel
nzad1234  Nzadi

Ding (also called Di or Dzing) is a Bantu language that is spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Maho (2009) considers the following to be distinct languages closely related to Ding:

B861 Ngul (Ngwi), B862 Lwel (Kelwer), B863 Mpiin (Pindi), B864 West Ngongo, B865 Nzadi

(See Boma–Dzing languages.)

Only Ngul, which includes Ngwi,[is this the Ngwii dialect of Mbere?] has an ISO code.


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