Dunka mig gul och blå

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"Dunka mig gul och blå"
Single by Frida Muranius
from the album Gasen i botten
Songwriter(s)Frida Muranius, Johan Nordlund

Dunka mig gul och blå (roughly "slap me yellow and blue", with a reference to the colours of the flag of Sweden) is a song written by Frida Muranius and Johan Nordlund. Recorded by Frida Muranius, it became a mid-2007 hit.[1] topping the Swedish singles chart. Attention was also brought when the Sveriges Radio local station SR Kronoberg banned the song for associations to domestic violence.[2][3]

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2007-2008) Peak position
Sweden 1[4]


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