Héctor Libertella

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Héctor Libertella (1945–2006) was an Argentine writer.

Works published[edit]

  • The Road of the Hyperboreans, novel, Ed, Buenos Aires, 1968.
  • Adventures of Miticistas, novel, Ed Monte Avila, Caracas, 1971.
  • People Fighting Pose, novel, Ed Corregidor, Buenos Aires, 1975.
  • New Latin American Writing, Essay, Ed Monte Avila, Caracas / Buenos Aires, 1977.
  • Cavemen! Stories Abbat Per Ed, Buenos Aires, 1985.
  • The International Tour of the Wicked, novella, Latin American Publishing Group, Buenos Aires, 1990.
  • Tests or Tests on a Tight Network, essays, Latin American Publishing Group, Buenos Aires, 1990.
  • Pathografeia. Diverted Games Literature, Conversations, Latin American Publishing Group, Buenos Aires, 1991.
  • The Sacred Writings, Critical Essays, Ed Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 1993.
  • Memoirs of a Demigod, novel, Ed Profile, Buenos Aires, 1998.
  • The Tree Saussure, Story-Utopia, Ed Adriana Hidalgo, Buenos Aires, 2000.
  • Literal 1973-1977, (ed.), Buenos Aires, Santiago Arcos editor, 2002.
  • The Bookseller Argentina, Cordoba, editor Alcyone, 2003.
  • The Legend of Jorge Bonino, Córdoba, editor Alcyone, 2010