Henningsvær Bridges

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Henningsvær Bridges

View of the Henningsvær Bridge
Coordinates68°09′35″N 14°12′53″E / 68.1597°N 14.2147°E / 68.1597; 14.2147
Carries Fv816
LocaleVågan, Norway

The Henningsvær Bridges (Norwegian: Henningsværbruene) are two box girder cantilever bridges made of prestressed concrete.[1][2] The bridges connect the fishing village and island of Henningsvær to the rest of Vågan Municipality on the main island of Austvågøya in Nordland county, Norway.

The two bridges are called the Engøysundet Bridge and Henningsvær Bridge. The Engøysundet Bridge is the northern bridge and it is 194 metres (636 ft) long with a main span of 122 metres (400 ft). The Henningsvær Bridge is further south and it is 257 metres (843 ft) long with a main span of 150 metres (490 ft). The bridges were opened in 1983. They are among the many bridges that connect the islands of Lofoten to each other.[3][1][2]

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