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MTV Lebanon
Logo used since 2009
Broadcast areaLebanon
Arab World
European Union
United States
AffiliatesOne TV Lebanon
HeadquartersNaccache, Lebanon
Lebanese Arabic
Picture formatPAL
HDTV 1080i
MBC Group
Key peopleGabriel Murr (founder)
Michel Murr (CEO)
Walid Abboud (Editor-In-Chief)
Launched7 November 1991 (original);
7 April 2009 (relaunch)
Cablevision (Lebanon)Back to Basic package - General (Pay television)
Streaming media
MTV LiveNot Free (outside of Lebanon)
Cablevision+ (IPTV in Lebanon)Channel 2 - General

Murr Television, marketed and known as MTV Lebanon, is a Lebanese television station based in Naccache, Metn District.


Michel Gabriel El Murr, CEO, son of Gabriel Murr

Founded in 1991 by Gabriel Murr, a Lebanese businessman and politician.[1]

MTV was shut down in 2002 as it was found guilty of violating article 68 of the electoral law of 1999 which bans propaganda during the election process,[1] but since other Lebanese channels did not comply with the law either, some observers suspect that the closure was due to MTV's criticism of the Lebanese government and of Syria. As well as lawsuit against MTV.[2]

In 2005, the Lebanese parliament decided to amend Article 68 and reopen the station after the Syrian troops withdrew from Lebanon and the anti-Syrian opposition coalition won a majority in Lebanon's parliament, but the station remained closed.[1]

The station reopened seven years later, on 7 April 2009, two months before the 2009 parliamentary elections.[1]


MTV partners with Studiovision and produces all its productions at their studios, which are in Lebanon and Dubai.[3]

Website and mobile application[edit]

To access premium content on MTV's website and mobile apps, a person outside Lebanon must subscribe. However, in Lebanon, people get premium features for free.[4]


The Lebanese Ministry of Justice's Commercial Register mention five co-owners of MTV SAL. This includes 4 members of the Murr family who are Michel, Jyad, Carl and Carole Murr as well as Joseph Sarkis. The document does not detail the number of shares each hold.[5]

TV program[edit]

Program Genre Year Based on Main Cast
Dancing with the Stars (MENA)[6][7] Celebrity Dance Show Dancing with the stars
The Voice Kids (MENA)[8][9] Singing Competition 2016 The Voice Kids Nancy Ajram, Kadim Al Sahir, Tamer Hosny[10][unreliable source?]
Celebrity Duets Arab World (ديو المشاهير) – Season 4[11][12] Celebrity Singing Show 2015–? Celebrity Duets
Yalla Nerkos![13] Talent Show So You Think You Can Dance
Hayda Haki (هيدا حكي) [14] Comedy-oriented Talk and Variety Show N/A Adel Karam
Mafi Metlo[15] Sketch Comedy Show 2011-2017 N/A Adel Karam, Abbas Chahine, Naim Halawi, Roula Chamieh, Anjo Rihane
Menna w Jerr[16][17] Talk Show and Game Show Touche pas à mon poste ! Pierre Rabbat
Hadis Al Balad (حديث البلد)[18] Talk Show and Entertainment News Talk of the Town Mona Abou Hamze
Deal or No Deal[19] Game Show 2009–2010 Deal or No Deal
Heik Min Ghanni[20] Music Quiz Show The Lyrics Board
The Doctors[21] Health Talk Show The Doctors
Tahkik[22] Investigative Journalism
Al Hal Enna[23] Social Reality Show
Meen Byaaref Celebrity quiz show
Ktir Salbeh Sketch Comedy Show 2010–2012 N/A
Kel Mayle 3ayle[citation needed] Game show Family Feud
Lamin el Malayin[citation needed] Game Show Chance of a Lifetime
Khalik Maana (خليك معنا)[citation needed] Game show Everybody's Equal
Dr. Hala[24]
Laylé Jnoun (الليلة جنون)[25] Game show Vendredi tout est permis Mario Bassil


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