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Noé Hernández
Noé Hernández at the presentation of the film La Habitación (2016) during the FotoFilm Tijuana Festival held on July 15, 2017.
Noé Hernández Álvarez

(1969-11-10) November 10, 1969 (age 54)
Alma materUniversidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Years active2007–present

Noé Hernández Álvarez (born November 10, 1969) is a Mexican actor. Following his studies of Dramatic Arts at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, he became a high school teacher and founded an experimental theater group. After relocating to Mexico City he was offered little roles on several films, including Propiedad Ajena and Sin Nombre. His first lead role was Lino Valdez in Miss Bala, gaining popular recognition and earning a nomination for an Ariel Award for Best Actor.

Hernández was praised for his role of Canelita in the film La Tirisia (2014) and won the Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was also featured in the TV series Crónica de Castas and La Hermandad. For his performance in the film Mexican Gangster: La Leyenda del Charro Misterioso he received a Diosa de Plata nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He received further recognition for playing gang leader Martín in the Mexican film 600 Millas, for which he won a second Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2016. For his leading role in the film Ocho de Cada Diez, Hernández received the Ariel Award for Best Actor.


Noé Hernández Álvarez was born in November 10, 1969 in Atitalaquía, Hidalgo, Mexico, to peasant parents.[1] He studied Dramatic Arts at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico State.[2] He was about to enroll to be a lawyer, but changed his mind at the last minute after browsing the school brochure, since he used to perform in theater production while in high school.[2] After graduating in 1994, he became a high school teacher for seven years in Toluca and at the same time founded an experimental theater group, later he relocated to Mexico City since he wanted to act in movies.[1][2]

Film career[edit]

Early career and first lead role in Miss Bala[edit]

Hernández spent three years attending three or four casting calls every week, until he was signed to do a commercial and then a small role in the film Propiedad Ajena in 2007.[2] The next year, he had his first supporting role in the film Espiral (2008) and then a 40-second role in the film Sin Nombre, directed by Cary Fukunaga.[2] About Resistol, his role in Sin Nombre, the actor said: "he's a drug addict who inhales glue, they actually thought that I was a real vagabond who had been found there".[2] Supporting roles in the films Vaho (2010), Somos Lo Que Hay (2010), and El Infierno (2010), followed.[1]

During the filming of Sin Nombre, Hernández met filmmaker Gerardo Naranjo, who years later offered him the lead role in Miss Bala.[1][2] Written by Naranjo and Mauricio Katz, the film, about a beauty pageant contestant, played by Stephanie Sigman, who witnesses a murder and after that is kidnapped by a gang leader named Lino Valdez (Hernández) who uses her for criminal purposes.[1] From their first meeting, even during the casting process, Sigman and Hernández had great chemistry on camera, as stated by the actor to Gatopardo magazine: "between us there was something... Stephanie was always cast along handsome guys and then I came with this face. I think that immediately we got into the role each of us had to play".[1] Naranjo wanted the actors to react to the situation, instead of learning the screenplay word-by-word.[1] The process was hard for Hernández, since he wanted to analyse the psychology of his character and get away from the narco stereotypes creating Valdez with "no crucifixes, or gold chains, or guns".[3] The film was selected to represent Mexico in the category for Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards and received three nominations for the 54th Ariel Awards, for Best Picture, Best Director (Naranjo), and Best Actor for Hernández.[4][5]

Second lead role in Chalán and the award-winning role in La Tirisia[edit]

In 2012, Hernández joined the cast of Colosio: El Asesinato, and the TV film Chalán, produced by Canal 22 and directed by Jorge Michel Grau. In Chalán, he played Alan, a driver and assistant to a federal deputy, and this role was his opportunity to play a different role from the villains of previous films, as he told El Informador: "I try to take care of my career, not being involved in any given project, and when I got this role, I really liked it. It is a completely different character to what I was doing before, as in Miss Bala or El Infierno. Those are the challenges that I like, those who do not pigeonhole you, allowing you to put a spin on your work. Characters that are alive and well built".[6]

Hernández signed to play Canelita, the gay best friend of Cheba (Adriana Paz) in La Tirisia, a film written, produced and directed by Jorge Pérez Solano (2014).[7] The plot, inspired by a popular term named tirisia (which means "a perpetual sadness defined as 'the death of the spirit'"), is set in the Mixteca region of Mexico, and centers on two women (Paz and Gabriela Cartol) who were impregnated by Sylvestre (Gustavo Sánchez Parra).[7] When Cheba's estranged husband returns to town, he finds her sunk into a deep depression since she had to give away a newborn (Sylvestre's child).[7] Hernández was hesitant to take the role and the preparation was not easy for the director either, as he further explained to Cine Toma magazine: "I was pleased that an actor like Noé Hernández, who suddenly was falling into the stereotype of the tough, strong, bully, bad Indian man, agreed to play this role. It took some work from both of us at first. For me, to accept him physically and for him to accept the character and built it, but I think it was an experiment that tourned out pretty well".[8] Hernández said to El Universal: "the director told me: you wanted an acting challenge and acting to stop doing the same violent roles, this is it, take it".[9] The film was not exhibited on commercial movie theaters in Mexico since the distribution was expensive; instead, La Tirisia was screened at film festivals such as the Chicago International Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival and Toulouse Latin American Film Festival, and later had a month-and-a-half exhibition at the Mexican art house Cineteca Nacional.[9] Hernández received critical praise for his performance. Jaime López Blanco of Sputnik magazine found him "exquisite as 'Canelita', as it demonstrates his charm and his comedic talents, showing a totally opposite of his previous work, Miss Bala".[10] At the Ariel Awards of 2015, Hernández received the Best Supporting Actor accolade for the role in the film.[9] After winning the award the actor struggled to find new roles, considered retiring from acting and return to his hometown to work in the country fields, explaining to El Informador: "Of course I'm delighted, who does not like to win awards? The awards are ego boosters, but what I really want is that they can be transformed into stronger work opportunities and complex characters, good roles, and lead roles. This year I only had five-day calls for little characters; the award has not really helped me a lot, let's hope it strengthens my career and leads to more opportunities".[11] At the time, a project with director Nacho Ortíz fell through, and four other films co-starred by Hernández were not distributed in Mexico.[12][13] "Fortunately I'm not married, I have a son who I help moderately and every month I try to survive. Sometimes I say, 'I have income to pay rent for three months I can hold on a little', but then I start to worry and say 'time is running out and what can I do'. This situation has been quite difficult for me," the actor told El Universal.[12]

600 Millas and second Ariel Award[edit]

Two films featuring Hernández premiered in 2015, including Hilda and Mexican Gangster: La Leyenda del Charro Misterioso, and the actor was nominated for a Diosa de Plata for Best Supporting Actor for the latter film.[14] The same year, Hernández joined filmmaker Gabriel Ripstein on his directorial debut with 600 Millas, produced by Ripstein and Mexican director Michel Franco.[15] The screenplay, by Ripstein and Issa López, was inspired by the ATF gunwalking scandal. In the film, weapons smuggler Arnulfo Rubio (Kristyan Ferrer) works for a Mexican cartel led by his uncle Martín (Hernández). ATF agent Hank Harris (Tim Roth), who tries to arrest him, is kidnapped by Rubio to bring to his bosses; during the 600-mile (970 km) drive, they became friends.[16] 600 Millas premiered in the Panorama Section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, opened in 150 screens in Mexico on December 4, 2015, and was selected to represent the country at the 88th Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.[17][18] Coincidentally, La Tirisia, Hernández's previous film, was selected to represent the country for the Goya Award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film in Spain.[19] In 2016, 600 Miles received 13 nominations for the 58th Ariel Awards, and Hernández won his second consecutive award for Best Supporting Actor.[20][21]

TV roles and Los Inquilinos[edit]

Following his tenure in the first season of the TV series Crónica de Castas, Hernández agreed to be the villain in La Hermandad, a series developed by Claro Video, directed by Carlos Bolado and co-starred by Colombian actor Manolo Cardona and Spanish actress Paz Vega. About his role (Pedro Castro — a police chief), the actor told to the Associated Press: "He is a very particular villain. He does not like to see people suffer, so instead of torturing them, he kills them fast".[22] The actor also filmed in Guadalajara, Inquilinos, playing a janitor in a multifamily complex where a series of supernatural events occur.[11] The film also features Mexican actors Erick Elías and Danny Perea.[11] About his role and the thriller genre, Hernández stated, "It is a genre that is not very common in Mexico and from the little I have seen it falls into clichés, laughter effects, and creating little monsters. What attracted me to this film was the script; is a psychological thriller that takes you down to ground level: circumstances that can happen everyday, but that also have a thriller vibe".[11] In 2018, Hernández joined several actors in the music video for "Banana Papaya", a song performed by Kany García and Residente.[23]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2007 Propiedad Ajena Capataz [24]
2008 Espiral Macario [25]
2009 Sin Nombre Resistol [24]
2009 Tres Piezas de Amor en un Fin de Semana Roberto [24]
2009 Vaho El Monstruo Indalecio [24]
2010 Somos Lo Que Hay [24]
2010 El Infierno El Sardo [24]
2010 El Baile de San Juan Juvenal [24]
2011 Miss Bala Lino Valdez Nominated – Ariel Award for Best Actor [25]
2012 Colosio: El Asesinato Rigo [24]
2012 Chalán Alan [26]
2012 En el Ombligo del Cielo Gualberto [25]
2013 Cinco de Mayo: La Batalla Benito Juárez [26]
2013 Acción en Movimiento [24]
2014 César Chávez Juan de la Cruz [26]
2014 La Tirisia Canelita Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor [25]
2014 La Dictadura Perfecta Jefe de Seguridad [24]
2014 Plan Sexenal Reynoso [26]
2014 Hilda Obispo [26]
2014 Mexican Gangster: La Leyenda del Charro Misterioso Nominated – Diosa de Plata for Best Supporting Actor [26]
2015 600 Millas Martín Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor [25]
2015 Un Monstruo de Mil Cabezas Doorman [26]
2016 We Are the Flesh Mariano Nominated – Ariel Award for Best Actor[27] [25]
2016 Los Inquilinos Marcelino [26]
2016 La Habitación Valentín Segment: "Evocación" [24]
2016 Hysteria Ramiro [25]
2016 Mis Demonios Nunca Juraron Soledad Cabo [24]
2017 Opus Zero Priest [24]
2018 Traición Capitán [26]
2018 Bel Canto Comandante Alfredo [26]
2018 Inquilinos Marcelino [26]
2018 Arcángel Arcángel Short film [26]
2018 Ocho de Cada Diez Aurelio Mezcal Award for Best Actor
Ariel Award for Best Actor[28]
2018 Knife+Heart Luis [24]
2019 Historia de Una Eva y Dos Ocasos Mensajero Short film [26]
2019 Hierba Mala Tanilo Short film [26]
2019 Un Canción para María Saúl Short film [26]
2020 Tijuana Bible Topo [24]
2020 Kokoloko Mundo Nominated – Ariel Award for Best Actor
Tribeca Festival – Best Actor in an International Narrative Feature Film[29]
2020 Hijo de Monarcas Simón [24]
2020 Nudo Mixteco Esteban Nominated – Ariel Award for Best Actor [24]
2021 Finlandia Delirio [24]
2022 Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths El Ajolote [24]
2022 Daughter of Rage Raúl [30]


Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2010 Capadocia Roland Season 2 [24]
2011 Fronteras [26]
2014 Crónica de Castas Miguel 2 episodes [26]
2016 La Hermandad Pedro Castro Season 1 [26]
2019 ZeroZeroZero Varas Season 1 [26]
2020 Narcos: Mexico Rafael Aguilar Guajardo Seasons 2 and 3 [26]
2022 La Reina del Sur General Carlos Garrido Season 3 [26]


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