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Paul Redford is an American television writer and producer. Redford was a story editor and writer for Aaron Sorkin's Sports Night. He also worked on Sorkin's next series The West Wing. Redford joined the crew in the first season as a story editor and regular writer. Redford and his co-writers (Sorkin and Lawrence O'Donnell) won a Humanitas Prize in the 60 minute category in 2000 for their episode "Take this Sabbath Day". The episode was also nominated for a WGA Award for best episodic drama.[1]

Redford was promoted to co-producer for the second season and continued to write episodes. Redford and Sorkin were again nominated for a WGA Award for best episodic drama for their work on the second-season episode "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail". Part way through the third season Redford was promoted again to producer. He returned as a producer and writer for the fourth season. Redford was nominated a third time for the WGA Award for best episodic drama for his work on the fourth-season episode "Game On", which was once again co-written with Sorkin.

He was promoted again in the fourth season to supervising producer. Redford and his fellow producers won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2003 for their work on The West Wing season four. Redford returned as a supervising producer for the fifth season. The production team were nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2004 for their work on the fifth season.

He went on to work as a co-executive producer for LAX and The Unit. He was an executive producer for short-lived Fox drama Vanished. He was hired by his West Wing and Sports Night colleague Kevin Falls as a consulting producer on Falls' series Journeyman.

In 2008 he joined the crew of Dirty Sexy Money as a writer and co-executive producer. He co-wrote the episode "The Injured Party" (with Sallie Patrick) and wrote the episode "The Unexpected Arrival". The show was canceled after the second season. In 2010 Redford wrote the Big Love fourth-season episode "The Greater Good" and was the co-executive producer for two episodes of that series.[2]



Year Show Role Notes
2016 Designated Survivor Co-executive producer Season 1
2012 The Newsroom Co-executive producer Season 1
2009 Dirty Sexy Money Co-executive producer Season 2
2007 Journeyman Consulting producer Season 1
2006 The Unit Co-executive producer Season 1
Vanished Executive producer Season 1
2004 LAX Co-executive producer Season 1
The West Wing Supervising producer Season 5
Season 4
2002 Producer
Season 3
2001 Co-producer
Season 2
Story Editor Season 1
Sports Night Story editor Season 1


Year Show Episode Notes
2010 Big Love The Greater Good Season 4, episode 2
2009 Dirty Sexy Money "The Unexpected Arrival" Season 2, episode 12
2008 "The Injured Party" Season 2, episode 6, co-written with Sallie Patrick
2007 Journeyman "Keepers" Season 1, episode 6
2006 Vanished "Drop" Season 1, episode 3
The Unit "Morale, Welfare and Recreation" Season 1, episode 12
"Unannounced" Season 1, episode 10
"Dedication" Season 1, episode 7
"Non-Permissive Environment" Season 1, episode 5
2004 LAX "Finnegan Again, Begin Again" Season 1, episode 2
2003 The West Wing "Separation of Powers" Season 5, episode 7
"Life on Mars" Season 4, episode 21
"Privateers" Season 4, episode 18
2002 "Game On" Season 4, episode 6
"Enemies Foreign and Domestic" Season 3, episode 19
"Dead Irish Writers" Season 3, episode 16
2001 "On the Day Before" Season 3, episode 5
"Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail" Season 2, episode 16
"The Leadership Breakfast " Season 2, episode 11
2000 "The Portland Trip" Season 2, episode 7
"The White House Pro-Am" Season 1, episode 17
"Take This Sabbath Day" Season 1, episode 14
1999 "The State Dinner" Season 1, episode 7
Sports Night "Ordnance Tactics" Season 1, episode 20
"Small Town" Season 1, episode 13
1996 Coach "Grimmworld" Season 9, episode 6
Partners "Hello? Harmless?" Season 1, episode 19
"The Year of Bob?" Season 1, episode 13
1995 "Why Are the Blumenthals Living in My House?" Season 1, episode 5


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