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Unit systemCGS-ESU and CGS-Gaussian
Unit ofelectric potential, electric potential difference (voltage), and electromotive force
Named afterAlessandro Volta
In CGS base unitsg1/2·cm1/2/s [1]:26
1 statV in ...... corresponds to ...
SIccgs 10−8 volt
= 299.792458 volt[a]
CGS-EMUccgs abvolt

The statvolt is a unit of voltage and electrical potential used in the CGS-ESU and gaussian systems of units. In terms of its relation to the SI units, one statvolt corresponds to ccgs 10−8 volt,[a] i.e. to 299.792458 volts.[2][b]

The statvolt is also defined in the CGS system as 1 erg / statcoulomb.[2] It is a useful unit for electromagnetism because, in a vacuum, an electric field of one statvolt per centimetre has the same energy density as a magnetic field of one gauss. Likewise, a plane wave propagating in a vacuum has perpendicular electric and magnetic fields such that for every gauss of magnetic field intensity there is one statvolt/cm of electric field intensity.[2]

In the CGS-EMU system, the unit of voltage is the abvolt.


  1. ^ a b The dimensionless constant ccgs = 2.99792458×1010 is numerically equal to the magnitude of the speed of light when the latter is expressed in cm/s.
  2. ^ As of the 2019 redefinition of the SI base units, this correspondence is not longer exact.


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