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Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.
Company typeKK
Industrymusic (record label)
PredecessorStandard Talking Machine Company of Japan
FoundedFebruary 11, 1934 (as Teikoku Chikuonki Kabushiki-gaisha)
Nara Prefecture, Empire of Japan
HeadquartersMinato, Tokyo,
OwnerXING Inc. [ja] (100%)
ParentBrother Industries[1]
The Kyocera Harajuku building in September 2011
Label from Michiyakko's 1950 recording of the Tankō Bushi

Teichiku Records (テイチクレコード, Teichiku Rekōdo) is a Japanese record label, run by Teichiku Entertainment (テイチクエンタテインメント, Teichiku Entateinmento), that specializes in enka, kayōkyoku, and similar music. Teichiku is an abbreviation for Teikoku Chikuonki (帝国蓄音機, lit. Imperial Records), the former name of the company.[a] Teichiku Entertainment also runs the record labels Imperial Records, Takumi Note, and Union Records (ユニオンレコード, Yunion Rekōdo). It is a division of commercial karaoke manufacturer XING Inc., itself a subsidiary of Brother Industries.

Offices of Teichiku Entertainment, Inc.[edit]

  • Head office - Shiba Park Building, 2-4-1, Shiba koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Osaka office - Sankyu Building, 2-14, Azuchimachi Sanchome, Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan


  • February 11, 1934 - Teikoku Chikuonki Company (帝国蓄音機株式会社) was founded in Nara, Japan.
  • September 1951 - Contracted with Decca Records.
  • February 1952 - Started to sell Decca records.
  • February 11, 1953 - Teikoku Chikuonki was renamed Teichiku, Inc. (テイチク株式会社). In the same year, the company began using magnetic tape for recording.
  • 1954 - Began selling LP records and EP records.
  • 1969 - Termination of contract with Decca.
  • 1999 - Tokyo head office moved from Aobadai, Meguroku to Jingumae, Shibuya and the company was renamed Teichiku Entertainment, Inc. (株式会社テイチクエンタテインメント)".
  • April 28, 2015 - JVC Kenwood Holdings sells their majority stake of Teichiku to commercial karaoke manufacturer XING Inc (subsidiary of Brother Industries).
  • August, 2017 - Tokyo head office moved from Jingumae, Shibuya to XING Inc. headquarters in Minato-ku.

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  1. ^ English names: Imperial Graphophone Company Limited, Teikoku Gramophone Company Limited[2]


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