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WhyHunger (formerly known as World Hunger Year, or WHY) is a 501(c)(3) organization (non-profit organization) that aims to end hunger and poverty.[according to whom?]


The organization works with more than 8,000 community-based groups across the globe, and has worked in 30 countries. These groups aim to help people to help themselves through food production, job-training programs, nutrition education, community economic development, healthcare workshops, youth programming, leadership development and more.[1][better source needed]


Founded in September 1975 by musician Harry Chapin[2] and radio host Bill Ayres,[3] WhyHunger began as a commitment between two friends, and has grown into a global non-profit.[4] After Harry Chapin died in a car crash in 1981, family, friends, fans and the music community worked to ensure that WhyHunger lived on. Today, Jenique Jones serves as WhyHunger's executive director.[5]


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