Episcopal Diocese of Utah

Diocese of Utah
Ecclesiastical provinceProvince VIII
Congregations22 (2022)
Members4,151 (2022)
CathedralSt. Mark's Cathedral
Current leadership
BishopPhyllis A. Spiegel
Location of the Diocese of Utah
Location of the Diocese of Utah
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The Episcopal Diocese of Utah is a diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States, encompassing the state of Utah, less that part of the Four Corners region which is in the Navajoland Area Mission. It includes a small part of northern Arizona. In 1867, the Episcopal Church was the first Protestant church organized in Utah. The diocesan offices and cathedral, St. Mark's Cathedral, are in Salt Lake City. The current bishop is The Rt. Rev. Phyllis A. Spiegel, whose consecration took place on September 17, 2022.[1]


Daniel Sylvester Tuttle was chosen as missionary bishop of Montana, Idaho and Utah on October 5, 1866, and was consecrated on May 1, 1867. He served as bishop until 1886. Tuttle arrived in Salt Lake City on July 4, 1867. George Foote and T. W. Haskins, who held the first church service at Independence Hall in May 1867, preceded him. The cornerstone of St. Mark's Cathedral was laid July 30, 1870. The parish was formally organized in November of that year, with Tuttle as rector. The cathedral was occupied in May 1871, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the third oldest Episcopal Cathedral in America. The second bishop was Abiel Leonard. Under his leadership, numerous churches were opened in mining and other communities, including missions to the Ute Indians in the Uintah Basin.[2]

Bishops of Utah[edit]

The bishops of Utah are as follows:[3]

# Name Tenure
1. Daniel Sylvester Tuttle 1867–1886
2. Abiel Leonard 1888–1903
3. Franklin S. Spalding 1904–1914
4. Paul Jones 1914–1918
5 Arthur W. Moulton 1920–1946
6. Stephen C. Clark 1946–1950
7. Richard S. Watson 1951–1971
8. Otis Charles 1971–1986
9. George E. Bates 1986–1996
10. Carolyn Tanner Irish 1996–2010
11. Scott B. Hayashi 2010–2022
12. Phyllis A. Spiegel 2022-


The Episcopal Church in Utah is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The diocese consists of 25 congregations and over 6,000 members across Utah (one congregation is in northern Arizona). The congregations in the diocese include:

Educational and other institutions[edit]

St. Mark's school opened on July 1, 1867, the first non-Mormon school in Utah. Rowland Hall boarding and day school for girls opened in 1880. The two schools combined and became Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School in 1964. St. Mark's Hospital was organized in 1872 with representatives from the Episcopal Church, Camp Douglas and the mining industry. The hospital moved to increasingly larger quarters several times, and is now located at 1200 East and 3900 South. The hospital was sold in 1987. Hildegarde's Pantry offers food and assistance to people in need.[2]

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