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IDAGIO is a streaming service specializing in classical music, with both free and paid tiers. The company is based in Berlin, Germany.



IDAGIO was founded in 2015 by Till Janczukowicz, a former artist manager, and Christoph Lange, who previously founded the German streaming company Simfy.[1] Janczukowicz has said that his aim is "to offer the ultimate streaming service for classical music worldwide."[2] IDAGIO officially started its streaming app for iOS at the Salzburg Festival in 2015.[3]

IDAGIO added the Sony Classical catalogue in December 2017[4] and the Deutsche Grammophon catalogue (comprising also the Decca, Philips and ECM labels) in January 2018.[5] In April 2018 it announced a partnership with Warner Classics, bringing the entire Warner Classics and Erato catalogues to the platform.[6]

In September 2018, following a €10 million funding round, the service launched in North America.[7] Labels from the Outhere Music Group (including Alpha, Phi, Aeon and Ricercar) were added to the service in April 2019.[8]

In November 2019, IDAGIO was named one of Time Magazine's 2019 Best Inventions.[9]

Exclusive content


Several recordings have been available exclusively for streaming on IDAGIO.[10][11][12]

In January 2020, IDAGIO reached an exclusive streaming agreement with violinist Maxim Vengerov.[13][14]


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