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Satellite dish farm at the IBC in Munich during 2006 FIFA World Cup

The International Broadcast Centre (IBC) is a temporary hub for broadcasters during major sport events. It is also known as the International Press Center (IPC) or Main Press Center (MPC).

FIFA World Cup[edit]

IBC/MPC host cities[edit]

Entrance to the IBC at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

2006 edition in Munich[edit]

Master Control Room of the IBC

During the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany, the IBC in Munich was host to journalists from around 190 countries. The centre was based at the Munich Fairgrounds. The centre included 30,000 m2 (322,917 sq ft) of total space, 966 tonnes of fir wood and 22,500 m2 (242,188 sq ft) of wooden panels/walls, nearly 700 doors, fifteen television studios and was operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The building is now known as the Munich Exhibition Centre. 120 television and radio channels had broadcast images and reports of the World Cup, from the centre to the 190 countries that they serve. Each channel had an allocated space on the floor, which were separated by wooden panels.

UEFA European Football Championship[edit]

During the UEFA Euro 2016, in France, the IBC in Paris was host to journalists from around 190 countries. 120 television and radio channels had broadcast images and reports of the European Football Championship, from the centre to the 190 countries that they serve. Each channel had a space on the 30,000 square meter floor, separated by wooden panels.

IBC/MPC host cities[edit]

Olympic Games[edit]

IBC Building in Athens
The section fronting the Olympic Stadium during the Games
The opposite side, fronting Kifissias Avenue, is now Golden Hall
Wakasato Civic Cultural Hall in June 2006
Salt Palace convention center during the 2002 Winter Olympics
The IBC in Stratford, London, taken during the 2012 Summer Olympics
The Main Media Center in Sochi, which included the MPC and the IBC.
The MPC (left) in Rio de Janeiro is connected to the IBC building

An International Broadcast Centre is created at every Olympic Games. Broadcasters from around the world build studios in what is generally a large conference centre, such as the Georgia World Congress Center, which was used for the Atlanta Games. Olympic Broadcasting Services provides each of these rights-holders a video and audio feed from each venue, beauty shots from around the Olympic venues, transmission facilities, etc.

The inaugural IBC was created for the Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics during the inaugural Olympics to be telecast internationally without the need for tapes to be flown overseas, as they had been for the 1960 Olympics four years earlier. These were also the first Olympic Games to have color telecasts, albeit partially.

Edition City Country Venue or location
1964 Winter Innsbruck  Austria Innrain campus of the University of Innsbruck (MPC)[9]
1964 Summer Tokyo  Japan NHK Broadcasting Center
1968 Winter Grenoble  France Malherbe apartment complex and various locations[a]
1968 Summer Mexico City  Mexico National Autonomous University of Mexico
1972 Winter Sapporo  Japan Makomanai Park and Hokkaido Youth Hall (MPC)[10]
1972 Summer Munich  West Germany Zentrale Hochschulsportanlage (IBC) and Olympia Pressestadt (MPC)[11]
1976 Winter Innsbruck  Austria IVB Halle (IBC) and Pedagogical Academy Tyrol [de] (MPC)[12]
1976 Summer Montreal  Canada Cité du Havre (IBC) and Complexe Desjardins (MPC)[13][14]
1980 Winter Lake Placid  United States Highway Dept. Garage[15]
1980 Summer Moscow  Soviet Union Olympic TV and Radio Broadcasting Complex (OTRK) (IBC)[16]
Media headquarters at 4 Zubovsky Boulevard (MPC)[17][18]
1984 Winter Sarajevo  Yugoslavia RTV Center (IBC)[19][20]
Youth Centre Skenderija (MPC)
1984 Summer Los Angeles  United States University of Southern California
Los Angeles Convention Center (MPC)[21]
1988 Winter Calgary  Canada Big Four Building (Stampede Park)[22]
1988 Summer Seoul  South Korea KBS Building
1992 Winter Albertville  France La Léchère (MPC) and Moûtiers (IBC)[23]
1992 Summer Barcelona  Spain Fira de Barcelona pavilions in Montjuïc[24]
1994 Winter Lillehammer  Norway Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Campus[25]
1996 Summer Atlanta  United States Georgia World Congress Center
1998 Winter Nagano  Japan Wakasato Civic Cultural Hall (MPC)[26]
A renovated former textile mill (IBC)[27][28][29]
2000 Summer Sydney  Australia Sydney Olympic Park Pavilions[30]
2002 Winter Salt Lake City  United States Salt Palace Convention Center
2004 Summer Athens  Greece Golden Hall at the Athens Olympic Sports Complex
2006 Winter Torino  Italy Lingotto Fiere Exhibition Centre[31]
2008 Summer Beijing  China Olympic Green Convention Centre
2010 Winter Vancouver  Canada Vancouver Convention Centre (IBC) and Canada Place (MPC)[32]
Whistler Conference Centre (IBC/MPC)[33]
2010 Summer (Youth) Singapore  Singapore Marina Bay Sands
2012 Winter (Youth) Innsbruck  Austria Innsbruck Exhibition Centre [de] (IBC) and OlympiaWorld (MPC)[34]
2012 Summer London  United Kingdom London Olympics Media Centre
2014 Winter Sochi  Russia Sochi Olympic Park
2014 Summer (Youth) Nanjing  China Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park
2016 Winter (Youth) Lillehammer  Norway Mesna Upper Secondary School[35]
2016 Summer Rio de Janeiro  Brazil Barra Olympic Park
2018 Winter Pyeongchang  South Korea Alpensia Resort
2018 Summer (Youth) Buenos Aires  Argentina La Rural Convention Centre (IBC)[36]
Parque Olímpico de la Juventud (MPC)[36]
2020 Winter (Youth) Lausanne  Switzerland Le Flon
2020 Summer Tokyo  Japan Tokyo Big Sight
2022 Winter Beijing  China China National Convention Center (MPC/IBC)[37]
Zhangjiakou Mountain Media Centre (IBC/MPC)[37][38]
2024 Winter (Youth) Gangwon  South Korea E-Zen Experience Training Centre[39]
2024 Summer Paris  France Hall 3 at Le Bourget Exhibition Center (IBC)[40]
Palais des congrès de Paris (MPC)[40]
2026 Winter Milan  Italy Fiera Milano Rho[41]
2028 Summer Los Angeles  United States Brokaw News Center/Universal Studios Lot[42]
2032 Summer Brisbane  Australia Visy Glass factory in West End (IBC)[43]
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (MPC)[44]


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