Kroyer Films

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Kroyer Films, Inc.
Computer animation
FounderBill Kroyer and Susan Kroyer
Defunct1994 (general operations)
January 7, 2022 (dissolution)
HeadquartersHollywood, California, United States
ProductsAnimated feature films

Kroyer Films, Inc. was a pioneering animation studio formed in 1986 by animator Bill Kroyer and his wife Susan Kroyer and is one of the earliest studios to combine computer and hand-drawn animation.[1] Kroyer Films became dormant after 1994 and was ultimately dissolved on January 7, 2022.


Kroyer Films produced the Oscar-nominated short film Technological Threat and the 20th Century Fox feature film FernGully: The Last Rainforest.[2][3] It also produced the animation for the 1994 video game Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure.[4]


The Academy Film Archive preserved Technological Threat in 2013.[5]



TV Series

Video Game


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