St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association Awards 2010

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7th SLGFCA Awards

December 20, 2010

Best Film:
The Social Network

Best Director:
David Fincher
The Social Network

The 7th St. Louis Film Critics Association Awards were announced on December 20, 2010.[1]

Winners and nominees[edit]

Best Actor[edit]

Best Actress[edit]

Best Animated Film[edit]

Best Director[edit]

Best Documentary Film[edit]

Best Film[edit]

Best Comedy[edit]

Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

Best Music[edit]

Best Original Screenplay[edit]

Best Adapted Screenplay[edit]

Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Best Visual Effects[edit]

Moving the Medium Forward[edit]

(for technical/artistic innovative that advances the medium)

Best Artistic/Creative Film[edit]

(for excellence in art-house cinema)

Special Merit[edit]

(for best scene, cinematic technique or other memorable aspect or moment)

  • 127 Hours: the zoom-up scene which begins with a tight shot on Aron (James Franco) as he is screaming and pulls out to a wide shot of a large land area, showing how isolated he was from other humans.


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