Certificación Fonográfica Centroamericana

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Certificación Fonográfica Centroamericana
PurposeMusic certification

Certificación Fonográfica Centroamericana (CFC) is a music certification organization that represents the music industry in the Central American countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is managed by a collaboration of the different music industry trade organization in the region, FONOTICA in Costa Rica, AGINPRO in Guatemala, ASAP EGC in El Salvador and PRODUCE in Panama.[1]

Certification levels and methodology[edit]

CFC awards certifications based on streaming only. The levels of certification are:[2]

  • Gold: 3,500,000 streams
  • Platinum: 7,000,000 streams
  • Diamond: 35,000,000 streams

Highest-certified works[edit]


Updated as of April 2024
Artist Album Certification date Certification level[3]
Karol G KG0516 17 November 2021 2× Platinum
Sebastián Yatra Dharma 19 January 2022 Platinum
J Balvin Jose 10 February 2022 Platinum
Rauw Alejandro Afrodisíaco 17 March 2022 Platinum
Rauw Alejandro Vice Versa 17 March 2022 Platinum
Farruko La 167 6 April 2022 Platinum
Manuel Turizo Dopamina 6 April 2022 Platinum
Feid Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo Te Pirateamos el Álbum 13 February 2023 Platinum


Updated as of April 2024
Artist (s) Single Certification date Certification level[3]
Karol G "Bichota" 17 March 2022 Diamond
Karol G "Tusa" 17 March 2022 Diamond
Rauw Alejandro "Todo de Ti" 8 April 2022 Diamond
Boza "Hecha Pa' Mi" 19 September 2022 Diamond
Ozuna, J Balvin & Chencho "Una Locura" 19 September 2022 Diamond
Feid & Young Miko "Classy 101" 23 November 2023 Diamond


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