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The Latvian Performers' and Producers' Association[1] (Latvian: Latvijas Izpildītāju un producentu apvienība, LaIPA) is a National ISRC Agency of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry with the task of representing the Latvian music industry for both national and international recording artists of all genres.[2] Goals of the organisation are supporting Latvian artists and producers and promote development of Latvian music industry and export of music produced in Latvia, to promote and support creation of competitive music records and increase utilization of Latvian music by educating Latvian performers and producers, to officially represent Latvian music industry in Europe and international showcases, fairs and exhibitions, and to educate members of Latvian music industry about the issues of music export and global trends.[3] The company also certifies albums and music videos based on unit sales and compiles the country's music chart.[4]


The Latvian music charts are compiled by LaIPA and published by the online music magazine ParMū[4][5] There are three weekly charts based on sales and streaming:[5]

  • Top 30 singles
  • Top 30 domestic singles
  • Top 30 albums

There are also two airplay-based charts:[6]

  • Top 20 singles
  • Top 10 domestic singles

Certification awards[edit]


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