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Jessica Adams
House character
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Odette Annable as Jessica Adams
Portrayed byOdette Annable
In-universe information
OccupationDoctor of Medicine

Jessica Adams, M.D., is a fictional character on the Fox medical drama House and is portrayed by Odette Annable.[1]

The character worked at the prison where House was incarcerated after he crashed his car into Cuddy's living room. She met House in the eighth season premiere episode "Twenty Vicodin" and joined his diagnostic team in the third episode.

Character background[edit]

In "Twenty Vicodin", it is revealed that Adams is from "old money" (a wealthy family) and did her residency at Johns Hopkins Medical School. It is clear by "Charity Case" that she has no money concerns whatsoever as she buys expensive shoes and gives gifts even when she's out of work. In "Perils of Paranoia", Chase suspects that Adams enjoys shooting firearms; this is confirmed in "Runaways", when she wins a bet with House by shooting a clay pigeon with a single shotgun shell.

As a junior in high school, she ran away from home because she was the only person she knew whose parents weren't divorced or having an affair and she figured that the lives of dysfunctional families were somehow "deeper". She lived with an older man in Manhattan for two months before returning home.

Adams married very young and has recently divorced her husband after finding him cheating on her with a girl he met on the way back from their honeymoon, as she later admits to a patient Henry in "We Need the Eggs". In "Risky Business" she took out her rage with a baseball bat on a plastic skeleton, as well as other equipment, while House watched, assuring her that "it's been paid for." House had on several occasions shared with his team the logical (according to him) idea of Chase hitting on Adams. In the same episode "We Need the Eggs" he pointed out that every member of the team has something that is preventing them from having a relationship. Prompted by this remark Park and Adams argued over Chase and the idea of one of them dating him. Adams asked Chase out on a date. He answered: "I don't think that's really good for me right now."


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