List of Peabody Award winners (1960–1969)

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Peabody Award winners and honorable mentions.



Recipient Area of Excellence
NBC Award for the White Paper series of news specials
The Shari Lewis Show
The Texaco Huntley-Brinkley Report
CBS Award for coverage of the 1960 Winter and Summer Olympics
CBS Reports, for Harvest of Shame
G.E. College Bowl
The Fabulous Fifties, a revue produced by Leland Hayward
Dr. Frank Stanton (CBS) Personal Award for Dr. Stanton's actions that led to the 1960 presidential debates
Broadcasting and Film Commission of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S. Institutional Award for the programs Look Up and Live, Frontiers of Faith, Pilgrimage, and Talk-back
KPFK Radio/Los Angeles, CA Separate Institutional Awards for the stations' locally produced programming
WCCO-TV/Minneapolis, MN
WOOD Radio and WOOD-TV/Grand Rapids, MI
Texaco-Metropolitan Opera Radio Network Institutional Award for the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts
WQXR/New York, NY Musical Spectaculars
Irene Wicker (WNYC/New York, NY) Personal Award for Wicker's work on the children's radio program The Singing Lady


Recipient Area of Excellence
WNYC/New York, NY The Reader's Almanac and Teen Age Book Talk
BBC Television An Age of Kings, with recognition to National Educational Television, Metropolitan Broadcasting, individual stations, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, and Humble Oil
NBC David Brinkley's Journal
The Bob Newhart Show
Vincent Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait, narrated by Martin Gabel with Lee J. Cobb as Van Gogh
ABC Expedition!
Capital Cities Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and executive producer Milton Fruchtman Award for coverage of the trial of Adolf Eichmann and its summary documentary Verdict for Tomorrow: The Eichmann Trial on Television
CBS and Walter Lippman Institutional Award for television contribution to international understanding
Fred W. Friendly (CBS) Personal Award for Friendly's work in television journalism
WFMT/Chicago, IL Institutional Award for fine arts entertainment
WRUL (Worldwide Broadcasting)/New York, NY Institutional Award for contribution to international understanding for the station's coverage (in English and Spanish) of the United Nations' General Assembly proceedings
KSL-TV/Salt Lake City, UT Let Freedom Ring, featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, starring Richard Boone, Laraine Day, Howard Keel, and Dan O'Herlihy and narrated by Richard L. Evans
Newton N. Minow Personal Award to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission


Recipient Area of Excellence
CBS A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy
Carol Burnett (CBS) Personal Award for Burnett's comedic performances
Walter Cronkite (CBS News) Personal Award for Cronkite's work on The Twentieth Century, CBS Reports, and other work for CBS News
ABC Adlai Stevenson Reports
WJR/Detroit, MI Adventures in Good Music
Official Films Inc. Biography
WNDT/New York, NY Books for Our Time, hosted by August Heckscher II
WMAQ/Chicago, IL Carnival of Books
NBC The DuPont Show of the Week
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
NBC Radio Network The Eternal Light
William R. McAndrew (NBC News) Personal Award for McAndrew's "vision and leadership" as NBC News' Executive VP
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA Elliot Norton Reviews, hosted by Elliot Norton
Television Information Office and National Association of Broadcasters Institutional Award for the organizations' study of locally produced children's programming which resulted in the book For the Young Viewer: Television Programming for Children… at the Local Level
WQXR/New York, NY Institutional Award for the station's news presentations in the midst of the New York City newspaper strike
KPIX-TV/San Francisco, CA San Francisco Pageant, a series of historical documentaries profiling the city of San Francisco
KNX/Los Angeles, CA Science Editor, produced by the University of California Extension[1]


Recipient Area of Excellence
Broadcasting industry of the United States Award for coverage of the John F. Kennedy assassination and related events
WLW/Cincinnati, OH Government Under Law
KSTP/St Paul, MN Open Line, for its promotion of public discussion on important issues, in particular claims of subversives at the University of Minnesota
NBC American Revolution '63
Mr. Novak
NBC Radio The Sunday Night Monitor
WNBC-TV/New York, NY and NBC Radio The Dorothy Gordon Forum
CBS CBS Reports, for the 3-part report "Storm Over the Supreme Court"
The Danny Kaye Show
CBS and Dr. Frank Stanton Town Meeting of the World
Eric Sevareid (CBS News) Personal Award for Sevareid's editorial commentaries
Voice of America and Edward R. Murrow Institutional Award to VOA and Murrow, its former director, for its contributions "to deepened international understanding"
ABC Saga of Western Man
WGN-TV/Chicago, IL Treetop House


Recipient Area of Excellence
Networks and the broadcasting industry Award for "inescapably confronting the American public with the realities of racial discontent"
CBS CBS Reports, highlighting an interview with Walter Lippmann
Intertel (Council of the International Television Federation) Institutional Award for contribution to international understanding
WBKB-TV/Chicago, IL Off the Cuff
Burr Tillstrom Personal Award for Tillstrom's "hand ballet" interpretation of the Berlin Wall's human impact for That Was The Week That Was[2]
Julia Child (WGBH-TV/Boston, MA) Personal Award for Child's work on The French Chef[3]
William H. Lawrence (ABC) Personal Award for Lawrence's reporting, analysis, and commentary work
NBC The Louvre, produced by Lucy Jarvis and narrated by Charles Boyer
NBC and Robert Saudek Profile in Courage
Joyce Hall (NBC) Personal Award for Hall's work as "an enlightened patron of the television arts" through Hallmark Hall of Fame
WRVR-FM/New York, NY Riverside Radio


Recipient Area of Excellence
CBS A Charlie Brown Christmas[4]
CBS Reports, for the report "KKK - The Invisible Empire"[5]
The Mystery of Stonehenge
National Drivers Test
CBS Radio Music 'Til Dawn
CBS and NBC Joint Institutional Award for the specials My Name Is Barbra (CBS), The Julie Andrews Show (NBC), and Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music (NBC)
ABC A Visit to Washington with Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, On Behalf of a More Beautiful America
KTLA/Los Angeles, CA Institutional Award for the station's coverage of the Watts riots
National Educational Television Institutional Award for the network's "distinguished performance in educational broadcasting," specifically citing History of the Negro People, American Crises, and Changing World: South African Essay
WCCO Radio/Minneapolis, MN Institutional Award for the station's public service coverage during natural disasters
Xerox Corporation Institutional Award for its promoting of "international understanding" through presentations of "The Making of the President - 1964, Let My People Go, The Louvre, and the illuminating series on the United Nations"
Elmo Ellis (WSB Radio/Atlanta, GA) Personal Award for Ellis' editorials, book reviews, and other features for WSB
Frank McGee (NBC) Personal Award for McGee's special event news coverage
Morley Safer (CBS News) Personal Award for Safer's reports from the Vietnam War


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC A Christmas Memory
The Wide World of Sports
WTMJ-TV/Milwaukee, WI A Polish Millennium Concert
NBC American White Paper: Organized Crime in the United States
The Bell Telephone Hour
Siberia: A Day in Irkutsk
The World of Stuart Little[6]
WNBC-TV/New York, NY and NBC Radio The Dorothy Gordon Youth Forum, for "Youth and Narcotics - Who Has the Answer?"
WBKB-TV/Chicago, IL Kup's Show, for its presentation on the dangers of narcotics
WGN-TV/Chicago, IL Artists' Showcase
KRON-TV/San Francisco, CA Assignment Four
CBS National Geographic Specials
Tom H. John (CBS) Personal Award for John's art and set design on the CBS specials Color Me Barbra, Death of a Salesman, and The Strollin' Twenties
CBS News CBS Reports, for "The Poisoned Air"
Harry Reasoner (CBS News) Personal Award for Reasoner's reportage and essay presentations
WLIB/New York, NY Community Opinion, a program that provided platforms for and information to residents of New York's Harlem neighborhood
National Educational Television Institutional Award for excellence in educational television programming, citing NET Playhouse, NET Journal, and U.S.A.: The Arts
Edwin Newman (NBC Radio Network) Personal Award for Newman's commentary work


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC Africa
NBC An Evening at Tanglewood
Meet the Press
NBC Radio The Eternal Light
NBC Radio and Elie Abel The World and Washington
CBS CBS Playhouse
CBS Children's Film Festival
The Ed Sullivan Show, in recognition of its 20 years of "presenting a broad spectrum of entertainment"
Eric Sevareid (CBS News) Personal Award for Sevareid's news analysis and commentary
WIS-TV/Columbia, SC Mr. Knozit
Bob Hope Personal Award in honor of Hope's 30th anniversary in broadcast entertainment
Dr. James R. Killian, Jr. Personal Award to the chairman of the Carnegie Commission on Educational Television, whose recommendations led to the creation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
WBBM-TV/Chicago, IL The Opportunity Line, a series promoting employment opportunities in the Chicago area


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC Award for coverage of the 1968 Winter and Summer Olympics
Institutional Award for its presentation of The Sense of Wonder, How Life Begins, Sharks: The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, The Road to Gettysburg, Hemingway's Spain, and The Secret of Michelangelo: Every Man’s Dream, documentaries with "exceptional inventiveness"
CBS News CBS Reports: Hunger in America
WJR/Detroit, MI Kaleidoscope
National Educational Television Mister Rogers' Neighborhood[7]
Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc. One Nation Indivisible
Charles Kuralt Personal Award for Kuralt's work on CBS News' On the Road
Dr. Leonard Reiffel (WEEI/Boston, MA) Personal Award for Dr Reiffel's work on WEEI's The World Tomorrow
Robert Cromie and WTTW-TV/Chicago, IL Book Beat
NBC Radio Second Sunday
WQXR/New York, NY Steinway Hall


Recipient Area of Excellence
NBC NBC Experiment in Television
Who Killed Lake Erie?
NBC Radio Network "On Trial: The Man in the Middle," an episode of Second Sunday
WLIB/New York, NY Higher Horizons
Voice of America Institutional Award for "promotion of international understanding"
CBS J.T. (from the CBS Children's Hour)
The Japanese
KQED/San Francisco, CA Newsroom
Bing Crosby Personal Award in recognition of Crosby's entertainment career
Chet Huntley Personal Award for Huntley's "major and always dependable contribution to radio and television for over 35 years"
Curt Gowdy Personal Award to "television's most versatile sportscaster"
Frank Reynolds Personal Award for Reynolds' anchor and commentary work on ABC Evening News
Tom Pettit Personal Award for Pettit's investigative reportage for NBC News
National Educational Television Sesame Street[8][9][10]
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA and KCET/Los Angeles, CA
(airing on National Educational Television)
The Advocates
WFBM-TV/Indianapolis, IN The Negro in Indianapolis, a series of programs examining and promoting race relations in the city
WRNG/Atlanta, GA When Will It End?


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