List of Peabody Award winners (2020–2029)

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The following is a list of George Foster Peabody Award winners and honorable mentions during the decade of the 2020s.


Recipient Area of excellence
Institutional honors[1]
ARRAY Honored for "amplifying film and TV projects by people of color and women filmmakers"
Career achievement honors[2]
Sam Pollard Honored for "chronicling the Black experience and illuminating complicated historical figures across film and television" over a more than 30-year career
Journalistic Integrity Award honors[3]
Judy Woodruff Honored for being a "trailblazer for women journalists and a role model committed to illuminating the truth at any cost"
Special commendation[3]
Journalism crews Honored for their work in 2020 amidst such events as the COVID-19 pandemic and the George Floyd protests
Entertainment honorees
HBO in association with BBC, Various Artists Limited and FALKNA I May Destroy You[4]
La Casa de Producción La Llorona[5]
BBC Studios Americas, Inc. and Amazon Studios Small Axe[6]
Apple/Doozer Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television and Universal Television Ted Lasso[7]
Showtime Presents Blumhouse Television, Mark 924 Entertainment, Under the Influence Productions The Good Lord Bird[8]
CBS Studios The Late Show with Stephen Colbert[9]
Studio Airlift and Real Film for Netflix Unorthodox[10]
Children's & Youth honorees
Apple/Scholastic Entertainment/Gaumont Stillwater[11]
Disney Television Animation The Owl House[12]
Documentary honorees
76 Days LLC/MTV Documentary Films 76 Days[13]
CAAM, WETA, Flash Cuts, LLC., Tajima-Peña Productions, ITVS Asian Americans[14]
Alexander Nanau Production, Samsa Film, HBO Europe Collective[15]
A Higher Ground and Rusted Spoke Production in association with Little Punk/Just Films/Ford Foundation for Netflix Crip Camp[16]
A Reel Peak Films Production for Netflix Immigration Nation[17]
A Danish Documentary Production, in co-production with Ma.Ja.De, Hecat Studio Paris, Madam Films for National Geographic Documentary Films The Cave[18]
Concordia Studio, GB Feature, LLC and Amazon Studios Time[19]
Public Square Films, Ninety Thousand Words, Maylo Films, BBC Storyville and HBO Documentary Films Welcome to Chechnya[20]
News honorees
ABC News 20/20 and The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY) "Say Her Name: Breonna Taylor," a documentary that explored Taylor's life, her killing at the hands of police, and the protests that followed[21]
Frontline China Undercover, a documentary detailing China's human rights abuses of Muslims, mostly Uyghurs, and its implications around the world[22]
Frontline, Columbia Journalism Investigations, USA Today Network "Whose Votes Counts," which examines the legal battles over absentee ballots during the 2020 Wisconsin elections and its ramifications for modern-day voting rights[23]
KNXV-TV/Phoenix, AZ "Full Disclosure," a documentary that detailed the "Brady list" system that tracks Arizona cops' history of lying and committing crimes, and how it is broken in terms of transparency and accountability[24]
Fuuse Films for ITV Exposure, for Muslim in Trump's America[25]
PBS NewsHour Award for its coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular for the reports "Global Pandemic" and "Making Sense: The Victims of the COVID Economy"[26]
"Desperate Journey," which covers migrants and refugees traveling the Darién Gap along the Colombia-Panama border[27]
Vice News Vice on Showtime, for "Losing Ground," which examines heir properties and its effects on African-American land owners[28]
Podcast & Radio honorees
The Atlantic Award for the Floodlines podcast, which details the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and how it transformed New Orleans[29]
Nashville Public Radio Season two of The Promise, which explores Nashville's fight against desegregation in terms of inequalities between Black and white schools[30]
The Washington Post Post Reports for "The Life of George Floyd," which chronicles Floyd's life, his family, and how systemic racism played a role in his death[31]
Public Service honorees
Chemical Soup, Lawrence Bender Productions, Netflix Cops and Robbers, a live-action/animated short film created in response to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and police brutality in general[32]
KING-TV/Seattle, WA Facing Race, a series that tackles issues of racism, racial inequality and racial privilege and its effects on residents of Seattle and its surrounding communities[33]


Recipient Area of excellence
Career achievement honors[34]
Dan Rather Award for Rather's six-decade career as a journalist, "a textbook example not just of what quality reporting looks like, but how journalists serve democracy well"
Journalistic Integrity Award honors[34]
TV Rain (Dozhd) Award for "Russia's last independent television channel"[35]
Special commendation[34]
Journalists and filmmakers in dangerous locales Commendation for "courageous storytellers" who have risked their lives or died "in their line of duty to bring the truth to the world"
Institutional honors[36]
Fresh Air[37] Award for "being recognized for its rich conversation for over 35 years, becoming the indispensable place for listeners to engage with many of the most beloved artists who have shaped society over the last century"
Entertainment honorees
Netflix Bo Burnham: Inside[38]
Hulu, Danny Strong Productions, John Goldwyn Productions, The Littlefield Company, 20th Television Dopesick[39]
Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, in association with Paulilu, First Thought Productions, Fremulon Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment Hacks[40]
FX Productions Reservation Dogs[41]
Sphere Media Toronto Sort Of[42]
Plan B, PASTEL, Big Indie with Amazon Studios The Underground Railroad[43]
Working Title Television, a part of Universal International Television, a division of Universal Studio Group We Are Lady Parts[44]
20th Television The Wonder Years[45]
Children's and Youth honoree
Netflix City of Ghosts[46]
Documentary honorees
Frontline with CineDiaz, Motto Pictures and Concordia Studio A Thousand Cuts[47]
HBO Presents a Velvet Film Production Exterminate All the Brutes[48]
A One Story Up Production and Pilgrim Media Group for Netflix High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America[49]
HBO Documentary Films Presents a Motto Pictures/Little Horse Crossing the River/Little Lantern Company Production In the Same Breath[50]
American Documentary: POV Mayor[51]
Shoes in the Bed Productions, ITVS, Black Public Media (BPM) Mr. SOUL![52]
Drexler Films, Storyville Films My Name Is Pauli Murray[53]
All Ages Productions, Department of Motion Pictures, PBS, ITVS, Topic Philly D.A.[54]
News honorees
ABC News Nightline "The Appointment," a report on a Texas woman's journey to seek an abortion outside the state and her case on the right to choose[55]
Frontline, Channel 4 Escaping Eritrea[56]
KNTV/San Jose, CA Award for two reports involving family housing insecurities in San Francisco: "The Moms of Magnolia Street" and "No Man's Land: Fighting for Fatherhood in a Broken System"[57]
KNXV-TV/Phoenix, AZ "Politically Charged," which investigates how the Phoenix Police Department and Maricopa County Attorney's Office made false accusations towards Black Lives Matter protesters in a bid to prosecute them[58]
KUSA/Denver, CO "PRONE," a two-year investigation into deaths caused by the police usage of the prone restraining technique[59]
The New York Times Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol[60]
"So They Know We Existed": Palestinians Film War in Gaza, which shows refugees filming the turmoil of their homeland during the Israeli–Palestinian conflict[61]
PBS NewsHour Award for Lisa Desjardins's live on-the-scene reporting of the 2021 United States Capitol attack[62]
Vice News Award for the Transnational series (reported by Gazal Dhaliwal, Alyza Enriquez, Freddy McConnell, Eva Reign, and Rana Thamrin), which showcases transgender communities around the world[63]
Podcast & Radio honorees
NBC News Audio Southlake, a podcast reported by Mike Hixenbaugh and Antonia Hylton which explores the debates of race and education in the eponymous Texas suburb and the growing rise of the controversial critical race theory[64]
NPR Throughline for "Afghanistan: The Center of the World," which examines the history of the country, its culture and its attempt to bring unity to the world prior to the Taliban[65]
Rumble Strip "Finn and the Bell," which explores the life of Finn Rooney, his suicide and how it impacted the small Vermont community that he lived in[66]
Arts honoree
A Vulcan Productions Inc. Production, in association with Concordia Studio, Play/Action Pictures, LarryBilly Productions, Produced by Mass Distraction Media and RadicalMedia Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)[67]


Recipient Area of excellence
Institutional honor[68]
Today Award for 70 years of being "a morning staple for millions of Americans and a consistent cultural touchstone for deeply moving human stories, groundbreaking news and daily joy"[69][70]
Visionary Award honor[71]
Shari Frilot[72] Award for 20 years of having "been a curator and a programmer of emerging media, film and art through the Sundance Institute and external programming platforms"
Trailblazer Award honor[73]
Issa Rae Award for the creator of Insecure representing "a generation of storytellers who used the Internet to cultivate their craft in service of community"
Career Achievement Award honor[73]
Lily Tomlin Award for being "a groundbreaking force for women in comedy, as well as LGBTQ+ representation, as well as older women in television, all while being just plain smart and funny"
Arts honoree[74][75]
National Geographic Documentary Films presents A Sandbox Films Production/An Intuitive Pictures & Cottage M Production Fire of Love
Entertainment honorees[74]
Delicious Non-Sequitur Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television and 20th Television, a part of Disney Television Studios Abbott Elementary
Lucasfilm Andor
FX Productions Atlanta (the show's second win, a rare feat for a Peabody Award winner)[75]
Merman/ABC Signature in association with Apple Bad Sisters
High Bridge, Crystal Diner, Gran Via Productions and Sony Pictures Television Better Call Saul (the show's second win, a rare feat for a Peabody Award winner)[75]
HBO in association with Broadway Video, Antigravico and Más Mejor Los Espookys
A24 for Netflix Mo
Media Res/Blue Marble Pictures in association with Apple Pachinko
Fifth Season/Red Hour Productions in association with Apple Severance
HBO in association with House of Opus 20 and IPC We're Here
Documentary honorees[74]
Impact Partners Presents a Malka Films and Maidstone Company, Inc. Production in Association with Good Gravy Films and Just Films/Ford Foundation Aftershock
Saaren Films Inc., Six Island Productions Inc., Musa Dagh Productions Batata
ITVS, Fork Films, Engel Entertainment
(Airing on PBS's Independent Lens)
Missing in Brooks County
Black Ticket Films
(Airing on PBS's Independent Lens)
Writing with Fire
Top Hat Productions/Hayloft Productions Mariupol: The People's Story
SO'B Productions The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks
National Geographic Documentary Films Presents A Documist and Associaçāo Jupaú Film in association with Time Studios, XTR, Doc Society Climate Story Fund/A Production of Protozoa Pictures, Passion Pictures, Real Lava The Territory
Showtime Documentary Films Presents, A Boardwalk Films Production, in Association with WKB Industries We Need to Talk About Cosby
News honorees[74]
CNN Award for Shimon Prokupecz's reporting on how police inaction contributed to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, TX
PBS NewsHour Award for Guns in America, which included on-the-ground updates from mass shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde, as well as impact stories from survivors and the implications for change on gun control
KARE/Minneapolis, MN "The Gap: Failure to Treat, Failure to Protect," a six-part report from a year-long investigation that probes a mass shooting in a medical clinic, but broadens out into how the mentally ill can obtain guns, commit other crimes, and not be mandated into receiving treatment
AJ+ "One Day in Hebron," which follows AJ+ presenter Dena Takruri as she returns to her hometown in Palestine and comes to grips with the reality of the destruction caused by Israeli forces
Frontline with the Associated Press Michael Flynn's Holy War, a documentary directed by Richard Rowley profiling Flynn's rise from an elite soldier overseas to a leader of a Christianity-rooted far-right movement in America
Frontline with Channel 4 Ukraine: Life Under Russia's Attack, which follows the lives of the Ukrainian people during the Russian invasion of Kharkiv and their struggles for survival, hope and rescue
Vice News No Justice for Women in the Taliban's Afghanistan, which explores the decline of the rights of women in the country under the extremist group's control, with reporting by Isobel Yeung
Podcast/radio honorees[74]
Spotify and Gimlet Media Season two of Stolen, titled Surviving St. Michael’s, which explores journalist Connie Walker's investigation into Canada's "Indian residential school system", and how her own father was abused by his priest while a system resident
On the Media/New York Public Radio The Divided Dial, Katie Thornton's five-part look into the rise of Salem Media Group and the Christian radio network's influence on talk radio, politics, conservatism, and "the uneasy conflict over truth in American civic life"
This American Life "The Pink House at the Center of the World," which explores the Jackson Women's Health Clinic's fight for survival in Mississippi following the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the future of abortion in America
Immersive and Interactive honorees[74]
Natalie Wynn ContraPoints
Deck Nine and Square Enix Life Is Strange: True Colors
Fable Studio, Third Rail Projects, Sound+Design, Story Studio & Experiences Lucy and the Wolves in the Walls
The New Yorker "Reeducated," an VR documentary which involves the lives of Uyghurs in Chinese prisons and the atrocities that they have suffered through
Media.Monks, Reporters Without Borders, Berlin DDB The Uncensored Library
Public service honoree[74]
Frontline The Power of Big Oil


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