List of Peabody Award winners (1980–1989)

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The following is a list of Peabody Award winners and honorable mentions during the 1980s (1980–1989).


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC IBM Presents Baryshnikov on Broadway, directed by Dwight Hemion[1]
Amber Waves (an ABC Sunday Night Movie directed by Joseph Sargent)
BBC Television All Creatures Great and Small
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation The Wonderful World of Science, a radio show for elementary-age children on earth, water, fire, air and man.
CBS Entertainment Gideon's Trumpet
Playing for Time
CBS News Universe, a science program hosted by Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite Personal Award for his career in broadcast journalism
Phil Donahue Personal Award for his interview work on Donahue
Elaine Green (WCPO-TV/Cincinnati, OH) Personal Award for her interview with a gunman and admitted murderer who instigated a hostage crisis in the WCPO-TV studios
KCET-TV/Los Angeles, Adrian Malone, and Dr. Carl Sagan Cosmos
KQED-TV/San Francisco, CA Broken Arrow: Can a Nuclear Weapons Accident Happen Here?, produced by Stephen Talbot and Jonathan Dann
KTEH-TV/San Jose, CA, Carol Mon Pere, and Sandra Nichols The Battle of Westlands, a profile of the conflict between agri-business giants and small farmers in California's Central Valley
KUED-TV/Salt Lake City, UT and Thirteen/WNET/New York, NY "The MX Debate," an episode of Bill Moyers' Journal on the MX missile
Maryland Instructional Television Terra: Our World
Minnesota Public Radio A Prairie Home Companion
National Geographic Society and WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA The National Geographic Specials (featuring Mysteries of the Mind, The Superliners: Twilight of an Era, The Invisible World, and Dive to the Edge of Creation)
National Public Radio Jazz Alive!
NBC Radio The Hallelujah Caucus, an examination of the influence of conservative religion on American politics and society, on The Source
NBC and Paramount Television Shōgun
Mary Nissenson (WTVJ-TV/Miami, FL) Personal Award for Poland: A Changing Nation (parts 1 and 2-4)
Carroll O'Connor Personal Award for the "Archie Alone" episode of Archie Bunker's Place, which dealt with Archie's grief over the death of wife Edith
Public Broadcasting Service and Robert Geller The American Short Story
San Francisco Opera The San Francisco Opera Radio Broadcasts
Sol Taishoff Personal Award for his reportage and critiques on events in radio and television (Taishoff was a co-founder, editor, and publisher of Broadcasting magazine)
Studs Terkel Personal Award for his work at WFMT/Chicago, IL
WNCN/New York, NY Institutional Award for overall performance as exemplified by Conversations with Horowitz


Recipient Area of Excellence
Bill Leonard Personal Award for Leonard's role "in developing the strong CBS News organization"
Danny Kaye Personal Award for Kaye's work on An Evening with Danny Kaye and The New York Philharmonic (an episode of Live from Lincoln Center) and Skokie
WSMV-TV/Nashville, TN Institutional Award for WSMV's documentary work, citing "Crime's Children," "Hot Cars, Cold Cash," "Split Second Justice" and "Crime's Carousel"
KATU-TV/Portland, OR Institutional Award for KATU's documentary work, citing "Ready on the Firing Line," "Out of the Ashes," and "To Begin Again"
WJR/Detroit, MI "Newsfile: A Bankrupt Court", a series of reports probing the inner workings of the U.S. District Bankruptcy Court
National Radio Theatre The Odyssey of Homer
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Carl Sandburg at Connemara
Timothy and Susan Todd (aired on NPR) The Todds' Teddy Bears Picnic
WQDR-FM/Raleigh, NC Our Forgotten Warriors: Vietnam Veterans Face the Challenges of the '80s
WLS-TV/Chicago, IL Award for WLS' Eyewitness News, citing the reports "Traffic Court: Justice or a Joke?" and "So You Need A Driver's License"
WDVM-TV/Washington, DC and John Goldsmith Now That We've Got Your Interest
NBC and MTM Enterprises Hill Street Blues
Nebraska Educational Television Network and The Great Amwell Company The Private History of a Campaign That Failed
CBS and Alan Landsburg Productions Bill
WNET/New York, NY and PBS Dance in America: Nureyev and The Joffrey Ballet/In Tribute to Nijinsky
KJRH-TV/Tulsa, OK Project: China
Home Box Office and Ms. Magazine She's Nobody's Baby: The History of American Women in the 20th Century (the first Peabody awarded to a cable program)
Societe Radio-Canada Klimbo: Le Lion et La Souris (The Lion and the Mouse)
ABC News Award for Viewpoint, Nightline, and America Held Hostage: The Secret Negotiations
ABC and T.A.T. Communications The Wave
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA and Granada TV The Red Army
Eighth Decade Consortium (KOMO-TV, Seattle, WA, KSTP-TV/St. Paul, MN, WCVB-TV/Boston, MA, WJLA-TV/Washington, DC, and WRAL-TV/Raleigh, NC) Fed Up with Fear
KTEH-TV/San Jose, CA The Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb


Recipient Area of Excellence
Alistair Cooke Personal Award "for his contributions to broadcasting, both in the United States and in Great Britain"
Texaco, Inc., The Texaco Foundation, and Metropolitan Opera Association Institutional Award for opera presentations on radio and TV
National Public Radio The Sunday Show
Taylor Made Piano: A Jazz History
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Morningside, for "1905"
WMAL/Washington, DC "They Served With Honor," recollections of those who served in the Vietnam War
NBC Radio News Banks on the Brink, a Second Sunday report on the international banking crisis
Mutual Broadcasting System Larry King Show
Radio Foundation The Bob and Ray Public Radio Show
KOCO-TV/Oklahoma City, OK "Oklahoma Shame," an investigation into abuses and deaths in homes for mentally retarded residents run by the state's Department of Health Services
WCVB-TV/Boston, MA Ground Zero: Victory Road
KYW-TV/Philadelphia, PA Sweet Nothing, a documentary exploring "our society's excessive consumption of sugar"
BBC Television, Paramount Television, and Operation Prime Time Smiley's People
WWL-TV/New Orleans, LA The Search for Alexander
Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Award for Nickelodeon and the network's programming for children
NBC, Margie-Lee Enterprises, and The Blue Marble Company, in association with ITC Productions, Inc. Skeezer (an NBC Monday Movie)
NBC and Highgate Pictures The Electric Grandmother
NBC News The Man Who Shot the Pope: A Study in Terrorism
ABC News ABC News Closeup: Vietnam Requiem
CBS News Juilliard and Beyond: A Life in Music
CBS Entertainment and Cinetex International The Wall
WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA Firebird, produced by the Dance Theatre of Harlem
KQED-TV/San Francisco, CA Current Affairs: The Case of Dashiell Hammett, a documentary on Dashiell Hammett directed by Stephen Talbot
KGMB-TV/Honolulu, HI and Lee Productions Inc. Beyond the Great Wall: Journey to the End of China
WAGA-TV/Atlanta, GA Paradise Saved? a documentary examining the effect of tourists on Cumberland Island National Seashore, reported by Don Smith and Forrest Sawyer
WBBM-TV/Chicago, IL "Killing Crime: A Police Cop-out," an investigation into the erasure of Chicago crime reports in order to create a decrease in crime statistics
WTSP/St Petersburg, FL "Prisoners of the Harvest," an investigation into the kidnapping, enslavement, and abuse of migrant farm workers by a farm labor contractor
Daniel Wilson Productions and Taurus Films Blood and Honor: Youth Under Hitler
Television Corporation of America 784 Days That Changed America: From Watergate to Resignation[2]


Recipient Area of excellence
Don McGannon Personal Award for his work at Westinghouse Broadcasting Corp.
CNN Institutional Award for the network's "significant news and information programming", citing Crossfire and the work of Daniel Schorr and Sandi Freeman
The Grand Ole Opry and WSM/Nashville, TN Institutional Award for the Opry's "important mark on both music and [through WSM] broadcasting in this country"
WCCO Radio/Minneapolis, MN "Debbie Pielow: Waiting for a Heart That Never Came," a series of reports on a Minnesota woman's efforts to receive a heart transplant
WCCO-TV/Minneapolis, MN "I-TEAM: Ambulances," a report documenting less‑than‑satisfactory performances by some Twin Cities ambulance services, with reporting by Don Shelby (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)
South Carolina Educational Radio Network Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz
WMAL/Washington, DC The Jeffersonian World of Dumas Malone
KMOX/St. Louis, MO Times Beach: Born 1925, Died 1983, a series examining of the effects of dioxin on the Missouri town, recognizing the work of the contributions of general manager Robert Hyland, news director John Angelides, producers David St. John and Kent Martin, and narrator Bob Hardy
Thomas Looker New England Almanac: Portraits in Sound of New England Life and Landscape, produced at WFCR and distributed by NPR
WRAL-FM/Raleigh, NC Victims
WNBC-TV/New York, NY Asylum in the Streets, which examined the effects of de-institutionalization on mentally ill homeless, citing the reporting of Gabe Pressman
CBS News The Plane That Fell From the Sky, a CBS Reports documentary recounting the near-crash of a TWA jet in April 1979 (Bill Kurtis, correspondent)
60 Minutes, for the report "'Lenell Geter's in Jail," which examined a Texas man's conviction for armed robbery (citing the work of executive producer Don Hewitt, producer Suzanne St. Pierre, and correspondent Morley Safer)
CBS Entertainment and Smith-Hemion Productions Romeo and Juliet on Ice, starring Dorothy Hamill, Brian Pockar, and Toller Cranston and directed by Robert Iscove.
CBS Entertainment and Mendelson-Melendez Productions What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown?[3]
Chrysalis-Yellen Productions and NBC Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number
NBC and Motown Productions Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever
NBC and Edgar J. Scherick Associates He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin'
WTTW-TV/Chicago, IL The Merry Widow, a ballet adaptation of the operetta choreographed by Ruth Page and starring Peter Martins and Patricia McBride[4]
WTTW-TV/Chicago, IL and BBC The Making of a Continent, narrated by Marty Robinson (parts 1, 2 (reels 1 and 2), and 3)
WTBS-TV/Atlanta, GA Portrait of America, including episodes on Puerto Rico and Florida
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA Nova: The Miracle of Life
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA, Central Independent Television, and Antenne 2 Vietnam: A Television History
Sunbow Productions The Great Space Coaster
ABC and Dick Clark Productions The Woman Who Willed a Miracle
WBBM-TV/Chicago, IL Studebaker: Less Than They Promised, a documentary profiling the automobile manufacturer and the effects of its business, decline, and closure, narrated by Walter Jacobson
WBRZ-TV/Baton Rouge, LA Give Me That Bigtime Religion, a profile of Jimmy Swaggart by John Camp later aired on PBS's Frontline
KRON-TV/San Francisco, CA Climate of Death
KCTS/Seattle, WA Diagnosis: AIDS


Recipient Area of Excellence
ABC Heartsounds
ABC News ABC News Closeup: To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children, hosted by Marshall Frady
Roone Arledge Personal Award for Arledge's leadership at ABC News and Sports and for his contributions to and influence on TV in general
Ted Koppel Personal Award for Koppel's work on ABC News' Nightline
KNX/Los Angeles Award for KNX's reports on "The Immigration Problem"
WAFX/Fort Wayne, IN D-Day: 40 Years Later
Brigham Young University Bradbury 13 (distributed by NPR)
WNYC/New York, NY Small Things Considered
Protestant Radio and Television Center The Protestant Hour
KDFW-TV/Dallas, TX "A Call for Help," a series of reports revealing deficiencies in the handling of EMS emergency calls, featuring the reporting of Fred Mays and Clarice Tinsley
WMAQ-TV/Chicago, IL "Political Parasites," which revealed "deadwood" Illinois State Legislature committees and commissions, their purposes and costs
WDVM-TV/Washington, DC Award for the station's investigation into malpractice and unsafe abortions at a clinic run by Dr. Milan Vuitch
WCAX-TV/Burlington, VT "Patterns of Practice," an investigation into varied efficiency levels of Vermont hospitals in regards to surgical procedures and patient stays
KGW-TV/Portland, OR Award for reports on followers of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and how their settlement affected life in Central Oregon
WNET/New York, NY Heritage: Civilization and the Jews (narrated by Abba Eban)
The Brain, produced by George Page
MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, WNET/New York, NY, WETA-TV/Washington, DC, and Gannett Productions Award for NewsHour essays by Roger Rosenblatt
Corporation for Entertainment and Learning Inc., WNET/New York, NY, and KQED/San Francisco, CA A Walk Through the 20th Century With Bill Moyers, hosted by Bill Moyers
WCCO-TV/Minneapolis, MN The Hollow Victory: Vietnam Under Communism, a documentary that examined life in the South Asian nation, hosted by Dave Moore
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA Award to Frontline "for its total contribution to the world of exceptional television"
CBS Entertainment and The David Gerber Company George Washington
NBC and MTM Enterprises St. Elsewhere
Central Independent Television Seeds of Despair, a documentary revealing the drought and famine in Ethiopia
Turner Broadcasting System Cousteau/Amazon
Granada Television The Jewel in the Crown
KFGO/Fargo, ND Award for the station's "extraordinary emergency coverage" of a February 4, 1984 blizzard
Showtime Faerie Tale Theatre
WCVB-TV/Boston, MA Somerville High
WFMT/Chicago, IL and Raymond Nordstrand Institutional Award for WFMT's fine arts programming


Recipient Area of Excellence
Bob Geldof and Live Aid Personal Award for Geldof's efforts to aid famine victims in Ethiopia through the concert event
Johnny Carson Personal Award for Carson's work on The Tonight Show
WBZ-TV/Boston, MA Tender Places a short drama about divorce, starring Frederick Koehler and Jean Stapleton, written by the 13-year-old Jason Brown[5]
KDKA-TV/Pittsburgh, PA Second Chance, a documentary and follow-up public service campaign promoting organ donations and transplants
Lawrence Fraiberg Personal Award to the head of Westinghouse Broadcasting's stations division for his "mandate to serve the public interest"
WBUR-FM/Boston, MA Liberation Remembered, a documentary produced by Eileen Bolinsky and written by Anne McGrath about the liberation of Nazi concentration camps
WGBH-FM/Boston, MA Institutional Award for WGBH's "overall programming and its leadership in state-of-the-art broadcasting"
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA and The Blackwell Corporation Frontline, for "Crisis in Central America" (parts 1, 2, 3, and 4), a documentary about the Central American crisis produced by Judith Vecchione, Marilyn Mellowes, Martin Smith, and Huston Simmons
WHAS/Louisville, KY Down and Outside: On the Streets of Louisville, a story on homelessness reported by Mike Edgerly and Ralph Dix
CBS News The Number Man — Bach at Three Hundred, a radio documentary narrated by Charles Osgood
Whose America Is It? (Bill Moyers, correspondent)
CBS Entertainment and Dave Bell Productions Do You Remember Love
Marjorie Van Halteren Breakdown and Back, a Van Halteren-produced radio series on mental illness
WCCO-TV/Minneapolis, MN "I-Team" investigation into abuses and shortcomings in the home health care industry
MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour "Apartheid's People," a series by Charlayne Hunter-Gault examining daily life in South Africa
NBC An Early Frost
NBC News Vietnam Ten Years After, reported by Marvin Kalb, John Hart, Bryant Gumbel, and Garrick Utley
KGO-TV/San Francisco, CA The American West: Steinbeck Country, with Rip Torn as Steinbeck
KDTV-TV/San Francisco, CA Coverage of the Mexico City earthquake
Spinning Reels and HBO Braingames
WSMV-TV/Nashville, TN A Higher Standard, a documentary focusing on the relationship between Congressman Bill Boner and an influential defense contractor
TV Ontario The Final Chapter?, a documentary made with NHK, Sveriges Television, and Technisonor about nuclear warfare and nuclear winter
Harvey Milk Project, Inc. and WNET/New York, NY The Times of Harvey Milk
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA, WNET/New York, NY, Bonneville Broadcast Group, and PBS Seminars on Media and Society, produced by Betsy Miller and Cynthia McFadden
WBBM-TV/Chicago, IL "Armed and Dangerous," an investigation exposing armed, unlicensed, and unqualified security guards working in the Chicago area
Central Independent Television and WETA-TV/Washington, DC The Skin Horse, a documentary directed by Nigel Randell Evans and John Samson about sexuality and disability
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Live from Lincoln Center


Recipient Area of Excellence
Jim Henson and The Muppets Personal Award for "thirty years of good, clean fun and outstanding entertainment"
Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Personal Award to the founder of King Broadcasting Company
The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis Institutional Award for the Society's funding and production of arts programming on WICR/Indianapolis, IN
NBC The Cosby Show
NBC News Award for on-the-scene radio reports by Fred Kennedy and Philip Till on the U.S. bombing raid of Tripoli, Libya
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Paris: From Oscar Wilde to Jim Morrison
Connecticut Public Radio One On One (hosted by Faith Middleton)
CBS News NEWSMARK: Where in the World Are We?
Sunday Morning, for its presentation of Vladimir Horowitz's concert in Moscow
CBS Reports: The Vanishing Family - Crisis in Black America
CBS Entertainment and Garner-Duchow Productions Promise
WTMJ-TV/Milwaukee, WI "Who's Behind the Wheel?" a report that revealed poor safety records among Milwaukee school bus drivers
WHAS/Louisville, KY A Disaster Called Schizophrenia
WFAA/Dallas, TX Award for reports uncovering the Southern Methodist University football scandal
KPIX-TV/San Francisco, CA Award for KPIX's "AIDS Lifeline" project
MacNeil/Lehrer Productions and BBC The Story of English
WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA Anne of Green Gables
WQED-TV/Pittsburgh, PA and National Geographic Society National Geographic Specials
Churchill Films and ABC Television Entertainment The Mouse and the Motorcycle
ABC News This Week with David Brinkley
Thames Television International and D.L. Taffner, Ltd. Unknown Chaplin (presented on American Masters)
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts The 1986 Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts
Thames Television and WGBH-TV/Boston, MA Paradise Postponed (presented on Masterpiece Theatre)
WSB-TV/Atlanta, GA The Boy King, a film about the young Martin Luther King Jr.
WCCO-TV and WCCO Radio/Minneapolis, MN Project Lifesaver, an initiative to promote safe driving
WCVB-TV/Boston, MA A World of Difference, an initiative to combat prejudice of all kinds


Recipient Area of Excellence
WSMV/Nashville, TN 4 the Family, a series of family-themed specials and PSAs
CKVU-TV/Vancouver, BC AIDS and You
HBO America Undercover: Drunk and Deadly
Center for New American Media American Tongues
CNN Coverage of the 1987 stock market crash
Mutual Broadcasting System Charities That Give and Take
KQED-TV/San Francisco, CA in Association with El Teatro Campesino Corridos! Tales of Passion and Revolution
WRC-TV/Washington, DC "Deadly Mistakes," a report exposing inaccurate lab results of cancer patients
WCPO-TV/Cincinnati, OH Investigation into questionable deaths at Drake Hospital
ABC Radio News Earnest Will: Americans in the Gulf
Blackside, Inc. Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years
Hallmark Hall of Fame and CBS Institutional Award for Hall of Fame, specifically citing Pack of Lies and Foxfire
WCVB-TV/Boston, MA "Inside Bridgewater," an investigation into occurrences at a state hospital for the criminally insane
MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour Award for a series of reports on Japan's economy
Karl Haas Personal Award for his work as a pianist and conductor and for work on Adventures in Good Music
Kevin Brownlow, and David Gill Personal Awards for their work in the preservation of silent films
KPAL Radio/Little Rock, AR Organizational Award for its overall programming for children
NBC L.A. Law
NBC and Louis Rudolph Films LBJ: The Early Years
HBO Mandela
WNET/New York City Nature, for the episode "A Season in the Sun"
WGBH-TV/Boston, MA and KCET-TV/Los Angeles NOVA, for the episode "Spy Machines"
WSM/Nashville, TN Of Violence and Victims, an investigation into the increase in Nashville's crime rate
National Public Radio A Weekend Edition profile of Ryan Martin, a 13-year-old boy adapting to his paralysis, the result of a shooting incident
WXXI-TV/Rochester, NY Safe Haven
Long Bow Group Inc., New York, New York Small Happiness: Women of a Chinese Village
KNBC/Los Angeles Some Place Like Home, a profile of Providence House, an AIDS hospice in the Los Angeles area
Paramount Pictures Corporation Star Trek: The Next Generation, for the episode "The Big Goodbye"


Recipient Area of Excellence
WTTW-TV/Chicago in association with Chloe Productions, Inc. ...and the Pursuit of Happiness
Children's Television Workshop 3-2-1 Contact Extra: I Have AIDS, A Teenager's Story
CBS News 48 Hours, for the reports "Abortion Battle" and "On Runaway Street"
60 Minutes, for the report "Mr. Snow Goes to Washington," which highlighted a campaign on the dangers of lawn darts
WHAS/Louisville A Matter of Time: The Crisis in Kentucky Corrections
Public Affairs Television Inc. Bill Moyers' World of Ideas
WPLG-TV/Miami, FL "Caution: Precious Cargo," a report that highlighted low levels of school bus safety, including bus lines that operated unlicensed
South Carolina Educational Television and The Mosaic Group, Inc. Children's Express NEWSMAGAZINE: Campaign '88
National Public Radio Cowboys on Everest
HBO Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam[7]
Don Hewitt Personal Award for his work at CBS News
The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour (WNET/New York & WETA-TV/Washington) Coverage of the 1988 election campaign
Frontline and Time Inc. Frontline: The Choice
KMOX/St. Louis Hate Crimes: America's Cancer
Christian Science Monitor Reports Islam in Turmoil
Jim McKay Personal Award for his work at ABC Sports
KCBS-TV/Los Angeles "MCA and the Mob," a series of reports revealing organized crime connections to the media conglomerate
BBC World Service for Africa Nothing Political/Mandela at 70
WBUR-FM/Boston, MA Speaking for Everyman: Ian McKellen Celebrates Shakespeare's Birthday
HBO and Pro Image Productions/Sydney, Australia Suzi's Story
CBS Entertainment and Telecom Entertainment, in association with Yorkshire Television The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank
WBRZ-TV/Baton Rouge, LA "The Best Insurance Commissioner Money Can Buy," an investigation of alleged improprieties on the part of the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Louisiana
KTAR/Phoenix Coverage of the impeachment of Arizona governor Evan Mecham
TNT The Making of a Legend: Gone with the Wind
NBC The Murder of Mary Phagan
WJLA-TV/Washington, D.C. "The Radon Watch Campaign," a series of reports and PSAs
BBC and WNET/New York The Singing Detective
ABC and The Bedford Falls Company in association with MGM/UA Television thirtysomething
Ambassador Walter Annenberg Personal Award for his work in public broadcasting, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting/Annenberg Project's funding of programs such as The Brain, The Constitution: That Delicate Balance, and Planet Earth


Recipient Area of Excellence
David Brinkley Personal Award for Brinkley's "lifetime of service to the American people" at NBC News and ABC News
J. Leonard Reinsch Personal Award for Reinsch's work at COX Communications and in political communication
KCBS/San Francisco, CA Separate awards for the stations' coverage of the Loma Prieta earthquake and its aftermath
KGO-TV/San Francisco, CA
KRON-TV/San Francisco, CA I Want to Go Home, an account of the plight of homeless children in the San Francisco area
D. Roberts Award to the independent producer for "Mei Mei: A Daughter's Song," which aired on American Public Radio's Soundprint and told of the personal and cultural boundaries between a Taiwanese mother and her American daughter
WCSC-TV/Charleston, SC Award for the station's coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo
MTV Networks Decade
KING-TV/Seattle, WA Project Home Team, a series of reports and programs spotlighting the plight of the working poor
CBS and Motown-Pangaea Productions in association with Qintex Entertainment Lonesome Dove
KCNC-TV/Denver, CO Yellowstone: Four Seasons After Fire
Texaco Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts
ABC and Black/Marlens Company in association with New World Television The Wonder Years
ABC and Sacret Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television China Beach, for the episode "Vets"
ABC, Lou Rudolph Films, Motown Productions, Allarcom Ltd., and Fries Entertainment Small Sacrifices
Alvin H. Perlmutter, Inc. and Public Affairs Television, Inc. The Public Mind
CBS Radio News Separate awards for the networks' coverage of the protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square and related background and perspective reportage
NBC News To Be an American
Central Independent Television Cambodia Year Ten
Beyond International Group The Great Wall of Iron
HBO Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt[8]
Children's Television Workshop Sesame Street (winning the award for the second time, a rare feat)
Film News Now and WTVS/Detroit, MI in association with P.O.V. Who Killed Vincent Chin?[9]
National Public Radio Award for Scott Simon's essays on Weekend Edition
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Lost Innocence: The Children of World War II
WLOX-TV/Biloxi, MS "Did They Die in Vain?" which explored the lingering effects of the 1964 murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner in Neshoba County, Mississippi 25 years after the tragedy

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