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2018 in film is an overview of events, including the highest-grossing films, award ceremonies, critics' lists of the best films of 2018, festivals, a list of films released, and notable deaths.

Evaluation of the year[edit]

Richard Brody of The New Yorker said, "2018 has been a banner year for movies, but you'd never know it from a trip to a local multiplex—or from a glimpse at the Oscarizables. The gap between what's good and what's widely available in theatres—between the cinema of resistance and the cinema of consensus—is wider than ever." He also stated, "In some cases, streaming has filled the gap. Several of the year's best movies, such Shirkers and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, are being released by Netflix at the same time as (or just after) a limited theatrical run. Others, which barely qualified as having theatrical releases (one theatre for a week), are now available to stream online, on demand, and are more widely accessible to viewers (albeit at home) than films playing at thousands of multiplexes. Yet an impermanence, a threat of disappearance with the flick of a switch, hangs threateningly over independent films that are sent out on streaming."[1]

Highest-grossing films[edit]

The top films released in 2018 by worldwide gross are as follows:[2]

Highest-grossing films of 2018
Rank Title Distributor Worldwide gross
1 Avengers: Infinity War Disney $2,048,359,754
2 Black Panther $1,347,597,973
3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Universal $1,308,467,944
4 Incredibles 2 Disney $1,242,805,359
5 Aquaman Warner Bros. $1,148,528,393
6 Bohemian Rhapsody Fox $910,809,311
7 Venom Sony $856,085,151
8 Mission: Impossible – Fallout Paramount $791,115,104
9 Deadpool 2 Fox $785,896,609
10 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Warner Bros. $654,855,901

Avengers: Infinity War grossed $2 billion worldwide, becoming the fourth movie to surpass the milestone, and 4th highest-grossing film of all time. Black Panther, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Incredibles 2, and Aquaman have each grossed over $1 billion, making them among the highest-grossing films of all time, with Incredibles 2 becoming the 2nd highest-grossing animated film of all time.

2018 box office records[edit]

  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe became the first film franchise to gross more than $14 billion with the release of Black Panther,[3] and the first franchise to release five billion-dollar-grossing films (with Black Panther joining The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War). Two months later, the MCU became the first film franchise to gross more than $15 billion and $16 billion with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, which became the sixth billion-dollar-grossing film in the franchise,[4] and also the first film in the franchise to earn $2 billion; and the MCU also became the first film franchise with two billion-dollar-grossing films released in the same year (with Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War). Two months after that, the MCU became the first film franchise to gross over $17 billion with the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp.
  • China set an all-time biggest global one-month record in February with CN¥10.14 billion ($1.6 billion), calculating revenues from both local and foreign films. The record breaking number was largely attributed to the Lunar New Year holiday. The previous global monthly box office record was set in July 2011 in North America with $1.395 billion and the previous highest-grossing month in China was August 2017 with CN¥7.38 billion ($1.17 billion).[5] The highest-grossing films in China during the month were the domestic films Operation Red Sea, Monster Hunt 2, and Detective Chinatown 2, and the Indian film Secret Superstar.[6]
  • For the first time in history, February recorded $1 billion ticket sales in North America, fueled largely by the success of Disney/Marvel's Black Panther which represented 43% or $428.8 million of the entire month's ticket sales. The previous February record was in 2012 with $818.4 million.[7]
  • In China, the combined opening weekend numbers of Monster Hunt 2 ($190 million), Detective Chinatown 2 ($154 million), The Monkey King 3 ($79.9 million), Operation Red Sea ($70.3 million) and Boonie Bears: The Big Shrink ($40.9 million) amounted to a record breaking CN¥3.21 billion ($506 million) or $543 million weekend with online ticket sales, which is more than double the feat achieved in 2017 ($205 million) and 2016 ($224 million) during the same time period.[8][9] The previous weekend record was set in North America during the weekend of December 18–20, 2017, when the combined grosses of several films resulted in $306 million led by Star Wars: The Force Awakens' $248 million debut.[10][11]
  • The same weekend, China also set a new IMAX opening record when the combined IMAX earnings of the three films recorded $15.1 million, led by Monster Hunt 2 and Detective Chinatown 2 ($6.7 million).[8]
  • During the first quarter of 2018, China overtook North America as the world's largest box office market for the first time, with China grossing $3.17 billion compared to North America's $2.89 billion during that quarter.[12] Despite declining revenue from Hollywood films, Chinese box office growth was driven primarily by domestic Chinese films, led by Operation Red Sea and Detective Chinatown 2, along with non-Hollywood foreign films, led by Indian Bollywood films Secret Superstar and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.[13]

Studio records[edit]

  • Walt Disney Studios became the fastest studio ever to reach $1 billion for the year at the domestic box office; it reached this goal in 117 days on April 27, 2018, beating its own record of 128 days set on May 7, 2016.
    • Walt Disney Studios also grossed over $7 billion worldwide and $3 billion domestic, making it its 2nd time after 2016. It passed Disney's 2016 domestic gross and it's in 2nd place this year.
  • With Incredibles 2, Pixar became the first animation studio to have three animated films (Toy Story 3, Finding Dory) each surpass $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

Film records[edit]

  • Black Panther grossed $202 million in its opening weekend and $242.16 million over the four-day holiday weekend, breaking the record for a February opening weekend and a Presidents' Day weekend, surpassing Deadpool ($132.4 million and $152.2 million in 2016), and recording the biggest opening weekend and total for a film directed by a black filmmaker, surpassing The Fate of the Furious ($98.8 million by F. Gary Gray in 2017). It also became just the fifth movie ever to gross more than $200 million domestically in its opening weekend (joining The Avengers, Jurassic World, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi). On Monday, February 19, the film grossed another $40.17 million, breaking the record for a Monday gross and surpassing Force Awakens ($40.11 million on December 21, 2015).[14] The subsequent $242.16 million four-day opening weekend became the second-biggest four-day gross ever, only behind The Force Awakens' $288.07 million. On February 23–25, the film grossed another $111.7 million, recording the second-biggest second weekend gross behind The Force Awakens ($149.2 million on December 25–27, 2015) and becoming just the fourth film to gross more than $100 million in its second weekend (joining The Avengers, Jurassic World, and The Force Awakens).[15] On February 27, the film became the first superhero origin film and the tenth film overall to gross $500 million domestically (doing so in 17 days, the third fastest film to reach the milestone behind The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi), surpassing Wonder Woman ($412.6 million in 2017) to become the highest-grossing single character superhero origin film;[16] on March 9, the film reached $549.2 million domestically, surpassing The Dark Knight to become the highest grossing solo superhero film of all time. On March 16, the film became the seventh film to gross $600 million domestically (doing so in 31 days, the second fastest film to reach the milestone behind The Force Awakens), and just the second superhero movie to do so (along with Avengers). On March 24, the film reached a total domestic gross of $626 million to become the highest grossing superhero movie of all time, surpassing The Avengers ($623.4 million in 2012). On March 30, the film became the fifth film to gross $650 million domestically (doing so in 45 days, the second fastest film to reach the milestone behind Force Awakens). On April 7, it reached a total domestic gross of $663.2 million to surpass Titanic as the third-highest-grossing film in the United States and Canada. On August 3, it reached a total domestic gross of $700 million, becoming the third film to reach the mark.
  • Black Panther also became the highest-grossing film of all time in West and East Africa, and the southern Africa region.[17][18]
  • On March 9–12, Ryan Coogler's Black Panther retained the #1 box office spot with a $40.8 million fourth weekend (the fourth biggest, behind American Sniper, Avatar, and The Force Awakens), while Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time opened at the #2 spot with a $33.1 million debut, marking the first time in history that the top two spots of a weekend were both held by black directors.[19]
  • Avengers: Infinity War grossed $258 million in its opening weekend, breaking the record for biggest domestic opening weekend and surpassing The Force Awakens ($248 million in 2015). The film grossed $641 million worldwide opening weekend, becoming the first film ever to open with more than $600 million globally and surpassing The Fate of the Furious ($542 million in 2017). On April 27, the film grossed $106 million in its opening day, the second-highest single day gross behind The Force Awakens ($119 million in 2015) to become just the third movie ever to gross more than $100 million in a single day (joining The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi); on April 28, the film grossed another $83 million, breaking the record for a Saturday gross and surpassing Jurassic World ($69.6 million on 13 June 2015); on April 29, the film grossed another $69.2 million, breaking the record for a Sunday gross and surpassing The Force Awakens ($60.5 million on 20 December 2015). The film became the second film of the decade to gross $2 billion, making the 2010s the first decade to have two films gross $2 billion.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody, based on the life of Queen's lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, grossed over $911 million worldwide,[20] setting all-time records for the highest-grossing biopic ever,[21][22][23] the highest-grossing musical biopic,[24] and the highest-grossing drama film (without any action or fantasy).[25]
  • Secret Superstar, an Indian musical drama film that had its China release in January 2018, grossed $29.2 million in its opening weekend there,[26] setting a record for an Indian film in China, surpassing Dangal; Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan produced and starred in both films.[27] Secret Superstar's first-week gross in China was $47 million,[28] also a record for an Indian film in the country, again surpassing Dangal.[29] Secret Superstar was the fourth highest-grossing foreign film in China during January–April 2018.[30][31] Secret Superstar also became one of the most profitable films of all time,[32][33][34][35] grossing 9.65 billion[36] ($154 million)[37] worldwide on a limited budget of 150 million (US$1.9 million), with over 6,000% return on investment (ROI).[32][38]
  • Incredibles 2 grossed $182.7 million domestically and $235.8 million worldwide in its opening weekend, setting records for the biggest domestic opening weekend for both Pixar and any animated film (surpassing Finding Dory, with $135.1 million in 2016), the biggest worldwide opening for Pixar (surpassing Finding Dory), and the biggest opening weekend worldwide for an animated film (surpassing Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, with $218.4 million in 2009). It also set the record for the biggest opening for a PG rated movie (surpassing Beauty and the Beast with $174.8 million in 2017). It became the first animated film to earn $500 million at the domestic box office, later the first animated film to earn $600 million at the domestic box office, earning just over $602 million and surpassing the previous record set by Finding Dory by over $100 million.[39] It is also the fastest animated film to gross $1 billion worldwide doing so in 46 days, surpassing Minions (49 days).


Award ceremonies[edit]

Date Event Host Location Ref
January 7 75th Golden Globe Awards Hollywood Foreign Press Association Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
January 11 23rd Critics' Choice Awards Broadcast Film Critics Association Santa Monica, California, U.S.
January 13 23rd Forqué Awards EGEDA Zaragoza, Spain [40]
January 20 63rd Filmfare Awards The Times Group Mumbai, India
Producers Guild of America Awards 2017 Producers Guild of America Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
January 21 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles, California, U.S.
January 22 53rd Guldbagge Awards Swedish Film Institute Djurgården, Sweden [41][42]
February 2 26th Movieguide Awards Gala Movieguide Los Angeles, California, U.S.
February 3 45th Annie Awards ASIFA-Hollywood Los Angeles, California, U.S.
32nd Goya Awards Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España Madrid, Spain
8th Magritte Awards Académie André Delvaux Brussels, Belgium
70th Directors Guild of America Awards Directors Guild of America Los Angeles, California, U.S.
February 5 23rd Lumières Awards Académie des Lumières Paris, France
February 11 22nd Satellite Awards International Press Academy Century City, Los Angeles [43]
Writers Guild of America Awards 2017 Writers Guild of America, East & Writers Guild of America, West Manhattan, New York, U.S. and
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
February 18 71st British Academy Film Awards British Academy of Film and Television Arts London, England, UK
March 2 43rd César Awards French Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques Paris, France
March 3 33rd Independent Spirit Awards Independent Spirit Awards Santa Monica, California, U.S.
38th Golden Raspberry Awards Golden Raspberry Awards Hollywood, California, U.S.
March 4 90th Academy Awards Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Hollywood, California, U.S.
March 7 2017 Dorian Awards Winners Toast GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics Los Angeles, California, U.S.
March 24 31st Kids' Choice Awards Nickelodeon Los Angeles, California, U.S.
April 20 20th Meril Prothom Alo Awards Prothom Alo Dhaka, Bangladesh
April 29 5th Platino Awards EGEDA & FIPCA Riviera Maya, Mexico
June 5 60th Ariel Awards Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas Mexico City, Mexico
June 18 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards MTV Los Angeles, California, U.S.
June 27 44th Saturn Awards Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Burbank, California, U.S.


List of some of the film festivals for 2018 that have been accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).

Date Event Host Location Source
January 18–28 2018 Sundance Film Festival Sundance Institute Park City, Utah, United States
February 15–25 68th Berlin International Film Festival Berlin International Film Festival Berlin, Germany
May 8–19 2018 Cannes Film Festival Cannes Film Festival Cannes, France
August 29 – September 8 75th Venice International Film Festival Venice Film Festival Venice, Italy
September 6–16 2018 Toronto International Film Festival Toronto International Film Festival Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Category/Organization 76th Golden Globe Awards
January 6, 2019
24th Critics' Choice Awards
January 13, 2019
Producers, Directors, Screen Actors, and Writers Guild Awards
January 19–February 17, 2019
72nd BAFTA Awards
February 10, 2019
91st Academy Awards
February 24, 2019
Drama Musical or Comedy
Best Film Bohemian Rhapsody Green Book Roma Green Book Roma Green Book
Best Director Alfonso Cuarón
Best Actor Rami Malek
Bohemian Rhapsody
Christian Bale
Rami Malek
Bohemian Rhapsody
Best Actress Glenn Close
The Wife
Olivia Colman
The Favourite
Glenn Close
The Wife (tie)
Lady Gaga
A Star Is Born (tie)
Glenn Close
The Wife
Olivia Colman
The Favourite
Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali
Green Book
Best Supporting Actress Regina King
If Beale Street Could Talk
Emily Blunt
A Quiet Place
Rachel Weisz
The Favourite
Regina King
If Beale Street Could Talk
Best Screenplay, Adapted Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, and Nick Vallelonga
Green Book
Barry Jenkins
If Beale Street Could Talk
Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty
Can You Ever Forgive Me?
Spike Lee, David Rabinowitz, Charlie Wachtel and Kevin Willmott
Best Screenplay, Original Paul Schrader
First Reformed
Bo Burnham
Eighth Grade
Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara
The Favourite
Brian Currie, Peter Farrelly, and Nick Vallelonga
Green Book
Best Animated Film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Best Original Score Justin Hurwitz
First Man
Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and Lukas Nelson
A Star Is Born
Ludwig Göransson
Black Panther
Best Original Song "Shallow"
A Star Is Born
A Star Is Born
Best Foreign Language Film Roma Roma
Best Documentary[a] Won't You Be My Neighbor? Free Solo

2018 films[edit]

By country/region[edit]

By genre/medium[edit]


Month Date Name Age Country Profession Notable films
January 1 Jon Paul Steuer 33 US Actor
5 Jerry Van Dyke 86 US Actor
8 Donnelly Rhodes 80 Canada Actor
9 Terence Marsh 86 UK Production Designer
13 Jean Porter 95 US Actress
14 Hugh Wilson 74 US Director, Screenwriter
14 Yosuke Natsuki 81 Japan Actor
15 Peter Wyngarde 90 UK Actor
16 Bradford Dillman 87 US Actor
19 Anna Campori 100 Italy Actress
19 Olivia Cole 75 US Actress
19 Dorothy Malone 93 US Actress
19 Allison Shearmur 54 US Producer, Executive
21 Connie Sawyer 105 US Actress
23 Ezra Swerdlow 64 US Producer
25 John Morris 91 US Composer
30 Louis Zorich 93 US Actor
31 Ann Gillis 90 US Actress
31 Alf Humphreys 64 Canada Actor
February 1 Reyes Abades[44] 68 Spain Special Effects Artist
3 Rolf Zacher 76 Germany Actor
4 Kenneth Haigh 86 UK Actor
4 John Mahoney 77 UK Actor
7 Mickey Jones 76 US Actor
7 Jill Messick 50 US Producer
9 Reg E. Cathey 59 US Actor
9 John Gavin 86 US Actor
9 Jóhann Jóhannsson 48 Iceland Composer
11 Vic Damone 89 US Singer, Actor
12 Louise Latham 95 US Actress
13 Edward M. Abroms 82 US Film Editor
15 Pier Paolo Capponi 79 Italy Actor
18 Idrissa Ouedraogo 64 Burkina Faso Director, Screenwriter
21 Emma Chambers 53 UK Actress
21 Ren Osugi 66 Japan Actor
22 Nanette Fabray 97 US Actress
23 James Colby 56 US Actor
23 Lewis Gilbert 97 UK Director, Screenwriter
24 Bud Luckey 83 US Animator, Voice Actor
24 Sridevi 54 India Actress
26 Paul De Meo 64 US Screenwriter
26 Benjamin Melniker 104 US Producer
March 3 Frank Doubleday 73 US Actor
3 David Ogden Stiers 75 US Actor
5 André S. Labarthe 86 France Actor
6 Donna Butterworth 62 US Actress
11 Siegfried Rauch 85 Germany Actor
12 Oleg Tabakov 82 Russia Actor
17 Geneviève Fontanel 81 France Actress
22 Morgana King 87 US Actress, Singer
23 Delores Taylor 85 US Actress, Screenwriter, Producer
24 Debbie Lee Carrington 58 US Actress
27 Stéphane Audran 85 France Actress
30 Bill Maynard 89 UK Actor
31 Luigi De Filippo 87 Italy Actor
April 2 Susan Anspach 75 US Actress
3 Mary Hatcher 88 US Actress
4 Soon-Tek Oh 85 Korea Actor
5 Isao Takahata 82 Japan Director, Screenwriter
8 Chuck McCann 83 US Actor, Voice Actor
13 Miloš Forman 86 Czech Republic Director
14 Isabella Biagini 74 Italy Actress
15 Philip D'Antoni 89 US Producer, Director
15 R. Lee Ermey 74 US Actor
15 Vittorio Taviani 88 Italy Director, Screenwriter
16 Pamela Gidley 52 US Actress
20 John Stride 81 UK Actor
21 Verne Troyer 49 US Actor
23 Arthur B. Rubinstein 80 US Composer
25 Michael Anderson 98 UK Director
26 Gianfranco Parolini 93 Italy Director
27 Paul Junger Witt 77 US Producer
28 Lester James Peries 99 Sri Lanka Director, Screenwriter
29 Robert Mandan 86 US Actor
May 5 Ermanno Olmi 86 Italy Director, Screenwriter
8 Anne V. Coates 92 UK Film Editor
11 Josh Greenfeld 90 US Screenwriter
13 Margot Kidder 69 Canada Actress
16 Joseph Campanella 93 US Actor
16 Hugh Dane 75 US Actor
16 Lucian Pintilie 84 Romania Director, Screenwriter
19 Vincent McEveety 88 US Director
20 Bill Gold 97 US Graphic Designer
20 Patricia Morison 103 US Actress, Singer
21 Anna Maria Ferrero 84 Italy Actress
21 Allyn Ann McLerie 91 US Actress
21 Clint Walker 90 US Actor
22 Elizabeth Sung 63 Hong Kong Actress
24 Jerry Maren 98 US Actor
31 Michael D. Ford 90 UK Set Decorator
June 1 William Edward Phipps 96 US Actor
6 Kira Muratova 83 Ukraine Director, Screenwriter
8 Eunice Gayson 90 UK Actress
9 Françoise Bonnot 78 France Film Editor
9 Zhang Junzhao 65 China Director, Screenwriter
11 Roman Kłosowski 89 Poland Actor
16 Martin Bregman 92 US Producer
16 Richard Greenberg 71 US Visual Effects Artist, Title Designer, Director
18 Maria Rohm 72 Austria Actress
22 Deanna Lund 81 US Actress
24 Stanley Anderson 78 US Actor
27 Steven Hilliard Stern 80 Canada Director, Screenwriter
28 Denis Akiyama 66 Canada Actor
29 Liliane Montevecchi 85 France Actress, Singer
29 Derrick O'Connor 77 Ireland Actor
29 Anthony Ray 80 US Producer
July 1 Gillian Lynne 92 UK Choreographer
4 Robby Müller 78 Netherlands Cinematographer
5 Claude Lanzmann 92 France Documentarian
8 Tab Hunter 86 US Actor, Singer
8 Alan Johnson 81 US Director, Choreographer
8 Carlo Vanzina 67 Italy Director, Screenwriter
12 Roger Perry 85 US Actor
12 Robert Wolders 81 Netherlands Actor
13 Stan Dragoti 85 US Director
17 Gary Beach 70 US Actor
17 Yvonne Blake 78 UK Costume Designer
17 David Stevens 77 Australia Screenwriter
18 Hugh Whitemore 82 UK Screenwriter
19 Shinobu Hashimoto 100 Japan Screenwriter
19 Michael Howells 61 UK Production Designer
23 Harry Gulkin 90 Canada Producer
25 Patrick Williams 79 US Composer
27 Bernard Hepton 92 UK Actor
August 1 Mary Carlisle 104 US Actress
2 Winston Ntshona 76 South Africa Actor
3 Moshé Mizrahi 86 Israel Director
3 Ronnie Taylor 93 UK Cinematographer
5 Charlotte Rae 92 US Actress
5 Beverly Polcyn 90 US Actress
5 Piotr Szulkin 68 Poland Director
7 Étienne Chicot 69 France Actor
7 Richard H. Kline 91 US Cinematographer
13 John Carter 95 US Film Editor
13 Unshō Ishizuka 67 Japan Voice Actor
16 Aretha Franklin 76 US Singer, Actress
20 Craig Zadan 69 US Producer
20 Brian Murray 80 South Africa Actor
21 Barbara Harris 83 US Actress
24 Lindsay Kemp 80 UK Actor
26 Neil Simon 91 US Screenwriter
27 Robert H. Solo 85 US Producer
27 Fredd Wayne 93 US Actor
30 Vanessa Marquez 49 US Actress
31 Gloria Jean 92 US Actress, Singer
31 Carole Shelley 79 UK Actress
September 3 Lydia Clarke 95 US Actress
3 Jacqueline Pearce 74 UK Actress
4 Thomas Rickman 78 US Screenwriter
5 Christopher Lawford 63 US Actor
6 Liz Fraser 88 UK Actress
6 Burt Reynolds 82 US Actor, Director
7 Sheila White 69 UK Actress
10 Peter Donat 90 US Actor
11 Fenella Fielding 90 UK Actress
15 John M. Dwyer 83 US Set Decorator
15 Kirin Kiki 75 Japan Actress
15 Dudley Sutton 85 UK Actor
15 Zhu Xu 88 China Actor
18 Marceline Loridan-Ivens 90 France Director, Actress, Screenwriter
19 Denis Norden 96 UK Screenwriter
19 Gamil Ratib 91 Egypt Actor
23 Gary Kurtz 78 US Producer
23 Mark Livolsi 56 US Film Editor
23 Al Matthews 75 US Actor
26 Roger Robinson 78 US Actor
October 1 Charles Aznavour 94 France Actor, Singer
1 Stelvio Cipriani 81 Italy Composer
4 Will Vinton 70 US Animator, Director
4 Audrey Wells 58 US Screenwriter, Director
6 Scott Wilson 76 US Actor
7 Peggy McCay 90 US Actress
7 Celeste Yarnall 74 US Actress
8 Arnold Kopelson 83 US Producer
8 Venantino Venantini 88 Italy Actor
10 Raymond Danon 88 France Producer
14 Milena Dravić 78 Serbia Actress
18 Danny Leiner 57 US Director
19 Diana Sowle 88 US Actress
23 James Karen 94 US Actor
November 1 Carlo Giuffrè 89 Italy Actor
1 Ken Swofford 85 US Actor
2 Raymond Chow 91 Hong Kong Producer
2 Kitty O'Neil 72 US Stuntwoman
3 Sondra Locke 74 US Actress, Director
7 Francis Lai 86 France Composer
11 Douglas Rain 90 Canada Voice Actor
12 Stan Lee 95 US Comic Book Writer, Producer, Actor
15 John Bluthal 89 Australia Actor
16 Pablo Ferro 83 Cuba Title Designer
16 William Goldman 87 US Screenwriter
19 Dominique Blanchar 91 France Actress
19 Witold Sobociński 89 Poland Cinematographer
21 Michele Carey 76 US Actress
23 Nicolas Roeg 90 UK Director, Cinematographer
24 Ricky Jay 72 US Actor
25 Giuliana Calandra 82 Italy Actress
25 Gloria Katz 76 US Screenwriter, Producer
26 Bernardo Bertolucci 77 Italy Director, Screenwriter
26 Samuel Hadida 64 Morocco Producer
26 Stephen Hillenburg 57 US Director, Animator
December 1 Ken Berry 85 US Actor, Singer
3 Philip Bosco 88 US Actor
3 Geoff Murphy 80 New Zealand Director, Screenwriter
6 Tim Rossovich 72 US Actor
9 Michael Seymour 86 UK Production Designer
12 Ferenc Kósa 81 Hungary Director, Screenwriter
14 Matti Kassila 94 Finnish Director
17 Galt MacDermot 89 Canada Composer
17 Penny Marshall 75 US Director, Actress
19 Norman Gimbel 91 US Lyricist
19 Peter Masterson 84 US Actor, Director
20 Donald Moffat 87 UK Actor
24 Patrice Martinez 55 US Actress
26 Frank Adonis 83 US Actor
26 Jorge Grau 88 Spain Director, Screenwriter
27 Børge Ring 97 Denmark Animator
27 Robert Kerman 71 US Actor
28 Iaia Fiastri 84 Italy Screenwriter
28 June Whitfield 93 UK Actress
29 Agneta Eckemyr 68 Sweden Actress
29 Ringo Lam 63 Hong Kong Director
29 Rosenda Monteros 83 Mexico Actress
30 Don Lusk 105 US Animator
31 Richard Marks 75 US Film Editor
31 Al Reinert 71 US Screenwriter, Director

Film debuts[edit]


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