Progress Wrestling

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Progress Wrestling
StyleProfessional wrestling
Sports entertainment
HeadquartersLondon, England
Founder(s)Jim Smallman
Jon Briley
Owner(s)Lee McAteer
Martyn Best
Merged withDEFY Wrestling

Progress Wrestling (stylized as PROGRESS) is a British professional wrestling promotion that was established in 2011 by comedian Jim Smallman, events and comedy promoter Jon Briley, and later, actor Glen Robinson (professionally known as Glen Joseph). The company is now co-owned by Lee McAteer and Martyn Best.


Progress was conceived by Jim Smallman and Jon Briley in 2011, who were both wrestling fans. Smallman is a fan of "strong style" wrestling, Japanese in particular, and Briley was Smallman's agent.[1]

In 2015, Progress appeared for five nights at Download Festival.[2] In December of that year, they began running regular shows at The Ritz in Manchester.[3] On 30 September 2018, Progress Wrestling held "Hello Wembley" at the Wembley Arena. Billed by the promotion as the largest independent wrestling show in England for 30 years, the event drew 4,750 people; making it the most attended event in Progress Wrestling history.[4]

In 2016, the company began working relationships with other promotions. At Chapter 29 on 24 April in London, Progress hosted two qualifying matches for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.[5] In 2017, Progress wrestlers such as Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, and Mark Andrews participated in the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, culminating in Bate being crowned the first ever WWE UK Champion.[citation needed]

Smallman left Progress at the end of 2019 after Chapter 100. In June 2020, Progress would be affected by reports of sexual harassment in the British independent circuit. After several accusations, Progress decided to no longer work with David Starr, Travis Banks, and El Ligero, as well as suspending indefinitely then- Tag team Champions Jordan Devlin and Scotty Davis, who vacated the titles.[6] Ring announcer and creative team member Matt Richards also left the promotion.[7] On 21 June 2020, it was announced that Glen Joseph was stepping down with Michael Oku, Vicky Haskins and James Amner all taking prominent roles in the company.[8]

In 2021, Progress announced its return amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, travelling to South London to set up a temporary home at Theatre Peckham for Chapter 104: Natural Progression on 20 February, eventually producing 23 shows behind closed doors which featured on the WWE Network. On 31 December that year, ahead of their return to live shows in January 2022, it was announced that Progress had been acquired by Lee McAteer and Martyn Best - taking over ownership from Briley.

On 9 February 2024, it was announced that PROGRESS Wrestling would merge with DEFY Wrestling, an independent promotion based in Seattle, Washington in the United States. It was created to bring a "global presence" to both brands and aid further expansion plans.[9]

Demand Progress Plus[edit]

Demand Progress Plus is Progress' video-on-demand service that launched in 2023, replacing the previous service on Pivotshare.[10] January 2017 saw the first episode of Freedom's Road, a new series from Progress which would feature matches taped specifically for the show and have a heavy focus on characters and plots.[11]


As of April 9, 2024.

Current champions[edit]

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Location Notes Ref.
PROGRESS World Championship Kid Lykos 1 25 February 2024 44+ London, England Defeated Spike Trivet at Progress Chapter 163 - Twisted Metal in a Steel Cage Match [12]
Progress Wrestling Atlas Championship Yoichi 1 5 April 2024 4+ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated Ricky Knight Jr. at Chapter 166: Freedom Walks Again. [13]
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
(Big Damo and Axel Tischer)
(1, 1)
5 April 2024 4+ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Defeated Cheeky Little Buggers(Charles Crowley and Alexiss Falcon) and (Chuck Mambo and TK Cooper) at Chapter 166: Freedom Walks Again. [13]
Progress Women's Championship Rhio 1 22 October 2023 170+ London, England Defeated Lana Austin at Chapter 158: The Long Halloween.

Inactive championships[edit]

Championship Date introduced Date retired Last champion Notes
Progress Proteus Championship 21 July 2019 24 February 2021 Paul Robinson Retired after champion Robinson left Progress.

Progress Proteus Championship[edit]

Progress Proteus Championship[14]
Date established21 July 2019
Date retired25 February 2021
First champion(s)Paul Robinson

It was announced on 21 July 2019 that the old Progress Atlas Championship which was unified with the Progress World Championship will be replaced. The title was named after the shapechanging Greek god, Proteus. Progress co-founder Jim Smallman said in the announcement that the champion will be able to pick the stipulation for the championship matches, subject to approval by the promotion.[15]


No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
Defenses Number of successful defenses
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days Defenses
1 Paul Robinson 15 September 2019 Chapter 95: Still Chasing Haringey, London 1 529 7 This was a 30-person rumble match. Paul Robinson lastly eliminated Danny Duggan to become the inaugural champion. Robinson's selected stipulation was that he could only lose the title by being knocked out or by tapping out. [16]
Deactivated 25 February 2021 Vacated after Paul Robinson left the promotion.


Patrick Lennon, wrestling journalist for the Daily Star, has attended and reviewed Progress shows.[17]

Carrie Dunn, founder and main contributor of wrestling blog "The Only Way is Suplex",[18] published the book Spandex, Screw Jobs & Cheap Pops: Inside the Business of British Pro Wrestling.[19] Progress Wrestling features frequently in the book including opening a chapter regarding London based wrestling promotions.[20]

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