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Phylogentic tree with famlies Potyviridae and Astroviridae
Virus classification Edit this classification
(unranked): Virus
Realm: Riboviria
Kingdom: Orthornavirae
Phylum: Pisuviricota
Class: Stelpaviricetes

Stelpaviricetes is a class of non-enveloped, positive-strand RNA viruses which infect plants and animals.[1] Characteristic of the group is a VPg protein attached to the 5'-end of the genome and a conserved 3C-like protease from the PA clan of proteases for processing the translated polyprotein.[2][3] The name of the group is a syllabic abbreviation of member orders "stellavirales, patatavirales" with the suffix -viricetes denoting a virus class.[4]


The following orders are recognized:


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