Super Giant Robot Brothers

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Super Giant Robot Brothers
Created by
  • Víctor Maldonado
  • Alfredo Torres
Directed byMark Andrews
Voices of
Theme music composerCash Callaway (main theme)
Paula Winger (main theme)
Doug Rockwell (end theme)
Tova Litvin (end theme)
ComposerAlex Mandel
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producers
  • Mark Andrews
  • Tommy Blacha
  • Jared Mass
  • Steve O’Brien
  • Víctor Maldonado
  • Alfredo Torres
ProducersPaul Flescher
Emmanual Laurent
Adam Maier
CinematographyEnrico Targetti
EditorRob Zeigler
Production companies
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04) –
present (present)

Super Giant Robot Brothers is an animated action-adventure comedy streaming television series created by Víctor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres for Netflix. It was released on August 4, 2022.[2]


In the future, two giant robot brothers must defend the Earth from an evil intergalactic empire that is sending kaiju to destroy the world.


  • Marisa Davila as Alex Rose
    • Eva Airel Binder as Baby Alex
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Thunder
  • Delbert Hunt as Creed
  • Eric Lopez as Shiny
  • Tommy Bello Rivas as Overlord Master and Dr. Arcturo Rose
  • Ren Hanami as Magita Rose

Additional voices provided by Jared Ward, Gina Ravera, Anouar Smaine, Muprhy Patrick Martin, David Errigo Jr., Jeanine Meyers, Delbert Hunt and Chris Jai Alex


Every episode is directed by former Pixar filmmaker Mark Andrews.

No.TitleWritten byOriginal release date
1"Gone and Back Again"Tommy BlachaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
2"Welcome to G.R.I.T.S."Tommy BlachaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
3"Put Me in, Coach"Yael GalenaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
4"Upgrades"Tommy BlachaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
5"Inner Space"Marcelina ChaviraAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
6"Road Trip"Yael GalenaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
7"Boybotfriend"Marcelina ChaviraAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
8"Whack-a-bot"Rachel BurgerAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
9"Defying Gravity, Bro"Tommy BlachaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)
10"The Hand of Fate"Marcelina Chavira & Yael GalenaAugust 4, 2022 (2022-08-04)


The series was announced in June 2021.[1] The production is notable for its use of virtual production techniques including motion capture and virtual camera for blocking of characters and actions inside Unreal Engine. This motion capture data was used as a reference for animators before final key frame animation was send back to Unreal where the whole show was rendered in real-time, making the series one of the first to be rendered entirely in real-time. While the animation was provided by Reel FX's facilities in Montreal, the Mumbai-based studio Assemblage Entertainment done the additional animation.

Tributes to other media[edit]

The series makes tribute to other media.

  • In Episode 1, Gone and Back Again, Alex Rose shouts "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" to another character, who is never referred to or seen again. This is a tribute to R.E.M.'s song "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"
  • In Episode 5, Inner Space, a random character is sneezed on and yells "I'm not even supposed to be here today" which is in tribute to Kevin Smith's film Clerks.


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