Charlie's Colorforms City

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Charlie's Colorforms City
Created byAngela C. Santomero
Written byLeah Gotcsik
Directed byLindsay Allan
Jay Silver
Creative directorLeah Gotcsik
Voices ofJacob Soley
Saara Chaudry
Tyler Barish
Zoe Hatz
Theme music composerCCC
Opening themeCharlie's Colorforms City Theme
Ending themeCharlie's Colorforms City Theme
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
No. of seasons6
No. of episodes34
Executive producerAngela Santomero
ProducerColleen McGrath
News editorTweedelee
Production locationCanada
Camera setupSingle Camera
Running time23 minutes
Production companies9 Story USA
DHX Studios Halifax/IoM Media Ventures
Original release
ReleaseMarch 22, 2019 (2019-03-22) –

Charlie's Colorforms City is a children's television series created by Angela Santomero, based on Colorforms,[1] and presented by Tyler Maxwell. The show educates children about colors, shapes, and size;[2][3] the show is co-produced for Netflix by 9 Story USA and IoM Media Ventures (formerly DHX Studios Halifax). The series premiered on Netflix on March 22, 2019, with Season 1 consisting of 13 episodes. Several new episodes (marketed as 3 additional seasons) were released on November 30, 2021. Another 11 episodes (marketed as 2 seasons) were released on June 13, 2022.

American Cast[edit]

  • Jacob Soley - Charlie
  • Saara Chaudry - Violet
  • Tyler Barish - Red
  • Caleb Bellavance - Red (Season 2)
  • Zoe Hatz - Miss Weather
  • Joseph Motiki - OctoBocto, An Athletic Silly Face, A Clumsy Silly Face
  • Julie Lemieux - A Baby Silly Face, A Loud Silly Face, A Space Silly Face, Chicken
  • Shoshana Sperling - A Grandma Silly Face, A Police Silly Face, A Woman Police Silly Face, Mermaid 2
  • John Davie - Klunk
  • Stacey DePass - Dragon, Brother Dragon, A Kid Silly Face
  • Adrianna Di Liello - Star
  • Bryn McAuley - Marina the Mermaid, A Yoga Instructor Silly Face
  • Ethan Pugiotto - Harley
  • Nissae Isen - Baby Elephant
  • Deann DeGruijter - Rock Star Beach Ball Fish
  • Bianca Alongi - MacGuffin
  • Michela Luci - Yetilda
  • Rick Miller - A Business Silly Face, A Construction Silly Face
  • Wyatt Boston White - Humpty
  • Giovanni Conconi - Voz cantada de rojo

The series has also been dubbed into several other languages including British English, French and Polish.


Season 1: Colorforms City[edit]

  • Charlie the Pancake Chef/Starry Charlie
  • Rock Star Charlie/Birthday Charlie
  • Racer Charlie/Knight Charlie
  • Adventurer Charlie/Charlie's Pet
  • Silliest Charlie/Mystery Charlie
  • Charlie's Sleepover/Charlie's Little Brother
  • Weather Charlie/Charlie Gets Big
  • Spooky Charlie/Charlie Is Super
  • Charlie's Space Mission/Sporty Charlie
  • Charlie's Surprise/Treasure Hunter Charlie
  • Charlie the Cowboy/Charlie Is an Inventor
  • Mechanic Charlie/Charlie Is a Pirate
  • Sick Charlie/Charlie's Restaurant

Season 2: The Lost Valentines Musical[edit]

  • Charlie and the Lost Valentines

Season 3: Snowy Stories[edit]

  • Charlie and the Snowy Day / Charlie and Yeti Mountain

Season 4: Classic Tales with a Twist[edit]

  • Charlie and Happy Humpty
  • Charlie and Octo-Bocto-rella
  • Charlie Red Riding Hood
  • Charlie and the Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Charlie's Hairytale Fairytale Salon
  • Charlie and Little Bo Peep
  • Charlie on Jack and Jill Hill
  • Charlie and the Three Little Space Pigs

Season 5: Miss Weather and Friends[edit]

  • Charlie and the Lightning Hiccups
  • Charlie and the Magic Story Star
  • Charlie Goes Surfing
  • Charlie Goes Camping
  • Charlie's Game Night
  • Construction Worker Charlie
  • Charlie Meets Planty
  • Charlie's Birthday Bus Ride

Season 6: Mighty Movie Adventures[edit]

  • Charlie's Super Movie Adventure
  • Charlie's Dinosaur Movie Adventure
  • Charlie's Robot Space Movie Adventure


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